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[FS/FT] DS CDP AJ XX/XII US 10 and VNDS infared VIs US 9.5

Hi all, I got a few pairs of AJs for sale/trade. The XIIs and the XXs are DS and the Infared VIs are in VNDS (please judge by yourself from photos provided personally I would rate them 8.5-9/10). Meet ups in Burnaby/Vancouver, add 20 for shipping (paypal from verified members only for shipped items) pm or email me at [email]h_s_u_b_u@hotmail.com[/email] For trades in sneakers only and I can accept sneakers + cash as well but YOU WILL HAVE TO SHIP OUT FIRST!!!!! PRICES IN USD Group Photo: [Image] Details: Taxi XIIs $140 (comes in half of the CDP box) [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers