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Hip-Hop Fashion Quoteables Thread

Post 'em up: [I]This goes out to my A-Alikes, who hangout on them corners,/ Who rock air n-ikes, live a hustler's way of life,/ In white tees, constantly duckin' from Ds...[/I] - Pusha T [I]You ought to be ashamed, trying to fit in "My Adidas"/ So Run like D.M.C. is me and no, don't got no heater/[/I] - Andre 3000 [I]Coupe all tinted, gucci's on his lenses,/ The dark shades in his frames,/ All black V like Darth-Vader's in the lane.../[/I] - Jim Jones [I]Pop-quiz,/ how many topless, black foxes,/ Did I have under my belt?/[/I] - Kanye West [I]She'll let you spray her face, as long as she bathing apes.../[/I] - The Game [I]Sharp as a tack like I just left church (clean)/[/I] - Big Boi [I]Patent-Leather bapes...(uh-uh)/ Closet like planet of the bape/[/I]- Pusha T [I]Bitches think I

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