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shirt concept funerals

this thread is for people to honor shirt concepts of the past, that are now old, lazy and tired. please pay your respects for the fallen: -any shirt that has a screenprint of a chain around your neck -a picture of biggie or tupac -a shirt with someone's grill on it, with the grill done in gold/silver metallic ink -cartoon glove hands -a House font with the lyrics to some rap song all tilted at 33 degree angles -bape parodies -LV monogram print parodies -misfits skulls -actually, make that 90% of skulls -heavy metal-esque SLAYER shirt parodies these things have joined turntable graphics and bad TRIBAL-esque tags as shirt ideas stretched thinner than oprah's laundry day underwear. if you have a fallen friend you wish to pay respect to, please feel free to add on.

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exclusivity and how it affects your purchases

Walking around Vancouver on the weekend I saw this older dude wearing an artful dodger hoodie. This guy must have been in his early/mid 30s and other than dropping 2-300 on a hooded jacket he was a completely nondescript kid. Seeing how Vancouver got no AD retail shipments to my knowledge, i assume this guy was just blog-happy like the rest of us. It is kind of funny how cities that are not major 'urban hotspots' have been transformed into who can queue on a website the fastest to get the gear that no one else has. Streetwear is less and less about loyalty to a local spot or digging around and more about getting the cmonwealth/digigrav/karmaloop mailer on your blackberry so you can paypal new joints. That dude who fixes your cable modem will probably get the drop on the new NIKE SB x YOURMOM. The 35 year peter-pan syndrome middle manager who surfs at work will grab the latest 'skate' and 'scene' wear while the kids skating/hustling music are out waith no clue who leroy jenkin's is, or having the $800 for the outfit of the people stealing their culture. Now when i see people in some of the more exclusive hypebeast joints, a lot of the time i think 'sucker' because i know they had to ebay that shit, go computer nerd, or wait in line for 3 hours. Is this where we want our fashion going? Now i know companies aren't making cash hand over fist, but i can almost see sometimes one of the Hundreds crew just sitting around laughing at the paisley hoodies and how they hyped up their brand so much by just making enough to sell in under 12 hours. How much free advertising did they get from everyone blowing up blogs/boards after the hyper limited release, looking for a site to cop them? how many kids at the skate spot even knew about any of this shit? i know it's kind of stupid to be asking about hyped-out culture on a website called hypebeast, and i know this isn't an original point, but have we reached the place where peoples entire brand identity is based on point and click? a sucker market of people staring at screens?

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