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Nanospore x Royal Elastics

[Image] [B] Nanospore x Royal Elastics "Homogeny" lifestyle shoe pack[/B] Package includes- Different left and right Sosei shoe. Use of colorful, detailed embroidery on reverse side. Two Homogeny tee's. One Homogeny Scarf; oddly sized and oddly colored. This special offer includes both Homogeny figures that cone together to make one. Comes in custom blister-pack. available at: [URL]

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[Destructo] - 2009 Discussion Thread

[Image] Some new shots of DESTRUCTO Spring 2009 that are in... [URL]

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Coarsetoys' paw!

[B]BLACKOUT version is now available!![/B] RAINBOW has been backordered... Very limited quantities were filled.. [Image]

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[9 GRAND] - 2008 Discussion Thread

Didn't see this up.. and 9 GRAND is actually cleaning up their designs this year.. watch out! [Image] [B]9Grand:[/B] [B]1 idea. 4 brains. 9Grand. When you break this philosophy down, you have 1 idea, (the label), that was collectively formed by four original partners, (two have passed), who built the company upon an initial $9,000 investment. The actual label name was conceived after the two partners had passed. $9,000 is the only thing that our two partners were able to contribute to the company before their time was cut short. We feel that 9Grand signifies the struggle, strife, devastation and pain that we have felt as a result of the tragedy that we have experienced. Our collection includes tee

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[ABSTRAXX 2008] - Discussion Thread

NEW SPRING PICS! I made sure to order plenty of this one.. coming soon. [Image] link to website: [URL] Abstraxx: Established in 2004 is a universal farbixx company driven off standing alone / being different and inspiring the youth anything is possible with passion / Grinding / Hustling / Standing up for the power of self belief / The epitome of individuality / a fusion of urban / street couture / influenced by music / life struggles / experience and accomplishments / a street grown lifestyle giving birth to a movement to stand alone

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[Supreme Being] 2008 - Discussion Thread

Didn't see Supreme Being up on this yet.. so here you go! Just got some of the new SPRING 08 in the shop.. click on logo to view their website: [URL] [B]Supremebeing:[/B] Supremebeing was established in 1999, it is based around the lives of people who love their art, love their music and love their friends. Supremebeing are basically a family of artists: some design, some paint, some make music, some are the doers, some are the thinkers

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Coarsetoys x Vans 1:3 Pain figure

[Image] [B]Coarsetoys x Vans 1:3 Pain figure[/B] Coarsetoys, known for their exceptional and powerful sculptings, originally based in Germany, and now calling Hong Kong home ... just dropping the monster 1:3 scale (25 inch) Pain edition of the Flake figure in conjunction with Vans. The rotocast vinyl Figure is limited to an edition of 400. With 200 exclusively sold in Vans stores in Europe these will not last long for the rest of the world. Amazing box design (15'' x 31 x 7'') - sleeping in soft pillows. 2 Skateboards and 2 Tritone Posters ( 22'' x 36'' ) come with every Figure. Designed and sculptured by Mark Landwehr.

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Sacramento, Ca

[Image] Be ready.. March SECONDSATURDAY is going to set things off right for the beginning of Spring! Plan to have special made shirts with guest artist images with UnitedState for Second Saturday Artwalk Night!! Live artwork by [B]ONE SEVEN NINE[/B] from Seattle Washington, while DJs supply the beats from [B]6-10PM[/B]. Music by our friends at ABP (A Big Party) [B]DIAMOND MONSTERRR+++Friends!! 8-10PM[/B] AND OUR SATURDAY SESSIONS WITH [B]MADPLANET+VANGLORYUS 6-8PM[/B] [B][SIZE="4"]ARTIST INFO: ONE SEVEN NINE (179)[/SIZE][/B] [URL] “From GermBots to Skullies to koi and jellyfish, OneSevenNine compliments chaotic paint dripped backgrounds to simplistic black line work. Reflecting the conflict between what goes on in her head versus what happens in her heart.Armed with the philosophy that art should be accessible to everyone she has been known to be passionate about the fantastic combination between fishnets and cleats, the preservation of the noble axolotl and M*A*S*H* re-runs. Inspirations include crazy Mexican mom tattoos and her homemade enchiladas, Catholic iconography, coffee shop drawing sessions and Clint Eastwood westerns. Enjoy!” — [B]179[/B]

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[Franco Shade] 2008 Discussion Thread

[Image] Sneak Peek on Franco Shade's Spring 2008 designs..

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