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Help me win this contest!

Hey guys, my in-law and I have recently entered a cable-park video editing contest. How it works basically is the more people who see and comment on it (on youtube) gets us to the #1 spot. At the moment we are 2nd trailing by a couple of views. We need to get over the 1000 hunch. Thats where you guys come in, I need for you to view and comment this video on youtube to help us win! Thanks, I hope you enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws0-EZQiFZE

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Traveling to Lisbon

Yo! I'll be in Lisbon, Portugal in the beginning of July. Outside of walking in the streets (which look nice) is there anything cool going on? Or things I should that are a must-see? Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Unique B&W photos

I'm redecorating my room and one of my walls has been dedicated to hang about 12 black frames. In the frames I want to have only Black and White photos, I already have a couple down but i'm looking for more beautiful/unique/powerful/intruiging black and white pictures. Any of you guys care to share some of your favorites? Or some websites where I can find some? (I don't really know much about photography) Thanks! -u

2 Weeks ago in Photography

Turin, Italy

Flying out to Turin for the long weekend. Any shops/places I should visit? Is there any big franchise brands that have stores over there? Baci

2 Weeks ago in Europe

60 40 Parka's

I'm looking to buy a parka. Kind of like a Penfield or a Sierra Designs. You guys have any good brands/models you would like to share? I don't have much cash to put into one! Also if you own one please share! Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Looking for a quality t-shirt printer/presser

Hey guys, I've always had a shit-load of clothing designs but I was always to lazy to go on with it and actually get it done. Now i'm finally off my ass and i'm going to start slow by just printing a couple of t-shirts and see how the friends & fam react. If its good, I might take it to the next level. This brings me to the point of the thread; I'm looking for a quality printing company/hobo/dude/whatever-as-long-as-the-result-is-good. I live in Europe - Brussels to be precise - but I don't really care where they are printed to be honest. I just want a quality result and some close attention to details. By no means do I intend to copy the Award Tour, and to be quite frank my designs have nothing to do with his, but I really like the quality of the print on these - aka not the glossy-look-like-its-been-glued-on, I want the print to have a feel like if the coton had been that color, almost a "the-shirt-has-been-washed-way-too-much" vibe. Here's a pic of what i'm talking about more precisely, if someone gets what I mean. [Image] So if you guys have some good address' or places to go then by all means necessary please hit me up. Thanks, undergo

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Sizing help

I wear a US11 in Nike Pegasus and US10 in Asics Gel Lyte III, anyone have an idea of what size I should take for a Adidas Originals Gazelle? Thx, looking to buy some online! blushing

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

Cheap Chronograph Watches

Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and my family has been asking me what kind of present I wanted for my birthday. I LOVE watches but most of them are way to expensive, however sometimes you can find cheap and quality ones. For instance, I bought two years ago a black Tissot PRC 200. (can't post images) I'm now trying to find other brands such as Tissot, Nixon, etc who make "cheap" ($200-$300) watches that are cool. Any ideas? Thanks! EDIT; Doesn't need to be a chronograph

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