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Coworker wants the D

As you all may know i work at subway and all my coworkers are all females 21+ As i got to know em better i told em that Im still a virgin n never fucked before. For some reason all of them tripped out saying they dont belive me. Then i got really close with my other coworker named Tina who was lesbian but she was pretty as hell. We got close together because we would chill n just smoke at her crib after work. One time i brought tina some carne asada fries while she was at work and for some reason my coworker named j got mad at me saying why i didnt bring her any. I told her we aint tight like that n left. J is cute and from what she told me she gets down n freaky.  Then one day i worked with J after so many weeks i havent worked with her. Everytime i would work with she always brings up the topic that she cant belive im still a virgin and she would make sex jokes out off no where. She would also give me this long as stare like eye to eye for some reason but id just go with it. Then she brought up the topic where i took tina out to get some pho and boba. She said that she never tried both of them before and she tells she would like to try em one day. I told her that she should go get herself some cus its really good. Then she told me that we should get some together for dinner one time. I playfully rejected her offer because i wanted to see if she was kidding or not but she got mad saying "fuck you then nigga you think ur too good for me" i just laughed my ass off knowing that she likes me but im just playing chill n cool n not acting like a thirsty nigga cus i aint like that. Anyways long story short she is having a good bye party in the next 2 weeks because she is moving to san diego and she wants me to go cus everyones gonna get fucked up that night.  So HB fams, should i just give her that yung virgin D or save the V card for something more special? Pics of this bitch [Image]

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Monthly Goals Vol: May

What are your goals for this month? (You don't have to read the wall.) [Ive been fucking up so much lately for the last 2 months due to work, school, lack of social life, drugs, etc. I had to drop my trigonometry class because I did not have enough time study due to having more working hours. I get paid every 2 weeks but i spend half of my paycheck on weed and the rest on unnecessary binge dining I never saved any money nor copped any supreme ever since i first started which is sad. I feel lonely sometimes because I no longer see the girl that I liked and always chill with but ive fucked things up between us. I started talking to her again but it seems that she no longer trust me and that I have to start back at square 1. I felt all alone. Indicud came out and I started listening to the whole album and the only song that stood out for me was Cold Blooded. At first I felt that I just need to harden things out. Be a real nigga that dont give a fuck. I still felt empty even doe i didnt gave a fuck about anything. Didnt gave a fuck if i get too high or give a fuck about others. But in the end i was still phazed about my current situation in life.  Then 1 night, I listened to the whole album. I realized that the album hard more to it. "Unfuckwittable" and "Just What I am" fucking changed my whole perspective in life. I learned that I am for who I am and that I am the only one that can change everything. I am what God made me and it is up to me to do anything I want to do in life that would make me happy.] So HB fam, that was just a background on why I wanted to make this thread. I wanted to make a change in my life and that I want to be on top again so here are my goals for this month and hopefully would improve the way I live: - Lose 10 lbs - Save $3-00 this month - Focus on school more - Learn to manage my time properly due to having more hours at work - Make smoking weed/ partying as a reward system for working hard instead of just doing it anytime, this would give me more motivation - Get my priorities straight. - Make amends with my lady friend and hope things get better - and last but not least cop more supreme Growing up is hard fams, but it is part of life. It is what makes it beautiful. The beauty of struggle and the pleasure of success. also dont forget to check this thread if you ever feel down [URL] I will keep this thread up to date and see if I will be able to achieve my goals for this month. Peace and Love - The Sandwich Artist

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Learning to Play the Piano

So I got a beginner piano class in college and im skruggling to read notes and what not but also im having a hard time making my fingers relax cus they are always stiff Any tips on how to play the piano for beginners?

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Where you guys buy cheap and plain but decent flannels

title says it all

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Canelo v Mayweather

just watched that fight with my dad, you boxing niggas think this should happen?

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Just Ate an Cookie

just ate an edible and im about to ride with my parents all the way to san diego which is like an hour. Im high as fuck right now idk what to do cause there are boarder patrols n shit. dat nigga john, tracy, ruthless, fuck all you fuck boys niggas. go eat a dick and log off

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Christine Mendoza Appreciation Thread vol Gotdam

this is better than that garbage Jessica Sanchez thread[URL][Image] smokeyface

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Playlist/Album Essentials Needed

my phone broke n it just got restored so everything got erased. Now i need songs n shit What I have i mind: White people music. what white girls would love Trap Music the electronic one Indie shit Chillwave Rap like juicy j style Rap that goes hard Old school rap biggie what not and the likes R&B Music when high Underground Simp Rap (yes drake) Music when driving something with the common people aka radio shit

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OFFICIAL WAYPTBTM (What Are You Planning to Buy This Month) Thread

jps books for school gwappy bois shirt xbox live 1 year gold membership ur turn.

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New Job = Shitty fit (hansum people only, no virgins allowed)

Im going to start working at subway and the manager told me that I can only wear "non-slip" shoes(ie no vans or converse) and they said I could buy them at payless. I was like I aint going to work with no hypebeast material shoes on. It's already bad that I have to wear a bright ass green golf shirt and now this. So hb fam, are there any "non-slip" shoes that you guys could recommend me that are not lame? inb4crocs inb4sketchers [Image]

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Craigslist, who fucks wit it?

Discuss stories or encounters with strangers from using craigslist. P.S: I remember seeing a thread here where a forum member posted an add for men seeking women and they got exposed, would be glad if someone finds it and post it here please.

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Pokemon X & Y vol. I'm too old for this shit

How the hell did we get from this  [Embed content]

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