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Fantasy Football.

So i got pick #10 in my league. Who would you take? Willie Parker, Rudi Johnson, Brian Westbrook, or Willis McGahee.

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Jordan 23's

Here's a pic of the Joradan 23's. [URL] I dont really like the look of them but if they come out im getting them.

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Madden 08

Who's getting this? I can't wait. I already pre-ordered the Limited Edition 08.

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Bonds or A-Rod?

Who will hit a homerun first?

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Fantasy Sports Thread

Anything about Fantasy Sport should go here. Top 5 Picks for Fantasy Football.(my opinion) 1.LT 2.Steven Jackson 3.Larry Johnson 4.Payton Manning 5.Frank Gore

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Is Nintendo Wii worth the money? My friend bought it 1 month ago and he said he got bored of it and wants to sell it to me+2 games for 250. Should i but it?

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Cubs vs. Rockies

This game was one of the most exciting games i've watched this year. Cubs blew a 5-run lead in the 9th inning, and found a way to come back. Did anyone else see this game? Best game in the summer?

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He rejects the trade to Celticsblinkyeyes. Celtics are better than T-Wolves, why doesnt he want to be traded. He already made 126million... Plus he will have Paul Peirce on his team.

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I was thinking about start using NitroTech. What are the pros and cons about this product. It is a bit expensive so i want to know if you guys recomend it or not. Im 15 years old 5'11 218lbs. Right now i can bench 195 and am hoping to reach 210 by end of July. So please help me out. Thanks.

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Release date..?

Anyone know when the Air Jordan 15 Original Black/Red are dropping?

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