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Japanese poo genie vol. More strange Asian antics

Burutabu chaaaaaaaaaan [Embed content]

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Sherriff Woody on 2ch Vol.Strange things are happening to him

"Disney and Pixar may well be regretting their decision to loose Toy Story

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unshrunk black kirkland tee's size M

I am not sure if costco still sells black t shirts anywhere anymore but they do not in so cal. I would be willing to pay someone if they picked up a pack of black kirkland t's from thier local costco. I will pay you like $50.00 + shipping or some shit. LMK!

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A.P.C. Petite Standard sz.28 measures 31.5

Yeah so im selling my APC PS sz. 28 measures like 31.5 pretty sure there done stretching they have like 3 1/2 months of wear no soak no wash still raw selling because i sized down too much I payed like $195 I have no idea what to ask so I guess you could just PM me offers. [Image]

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