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Where to find light denim jean?

[URL] pretty much this without the wear and tear on the front, really light denim in a slim fit. Any ideas?

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Looking for Mac Coat need help!

Hey guys, so recently was lookin at the APC collection and their mac coat is on point [URL] .. except the price, anybody know of any quality mac coats from 100-200? Tan is a must, collar up

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I know casual industries had some dope ones awhile ago, anybody know of any others?

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Need help fixing panoramic picture edges

Hey guys, so I took this picture to go on my wall, but as you can see its quite evident where the individual pictures start and end, could yall give me any advice how to fix the picture in photoshop, mainly how to lighten up the dark vertical streaks, and the healing brush is blowing it [Image]

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Kendrick Lamar


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Reigning Champ Canadian Heavyweight Fleece

Where can I get this asap pronto

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Corter Premium Leather Belt (34, Natural/Untreated, Nickel Hardware)

Selling a Corter Premium Leather Belt in size 34, it is Natural/Untreated Leather with Nickel Hardware One of the best quality custom leather belts out there, holes from the beginning of the leather are at 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36, 40 inches total in leather, 41.5 /w the buckle. $50 + Shipping ($20 off retail. brand new!) Thanks all, hit me up at [email]joschr84@gmail.com[/email] [Image] reference: [URL]

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[Primitive] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Doin big things in LA, la la so high, heres the summer line [URL]

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Corter Premium Leather Belt Size 34

Hey guys! So I ordered this from Eric and I realized I ordered the wrong size.. bum chow. So anyways I tried it on once obviously, other than that its in new condition and looks great, awesome craftsmanship. Price: $65 plus shipping from WA Email me at joschr84 @ gmail . com (cant post e-mails) Thanks a ton, Josh

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Where to find high quality pictures online?

So im trying to create graphics for school here but I am having a really hard time finding high quality pictures (of everything from campfires to diamonds) online to use. Im working with photoshop/illustrator, a website or database of some sort would really help, thanks!

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