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Nike-Air max 90's&Tweed dunks sizes 11/11.5

What's goin on HB, i got some shoes i want to get off. All legit because i bought the dunks and one pair of the Air Max 90's from flightclub.com and the Purple Air Max's from a user on the HYPEBEAST forums. The boxes [Image] If you have any questions or want more detailed pics of the shoes, you can email me at [email]tman925@gmail.com[/email] Thanks for looking!

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Post Your Fits Wearing Chukkas (why fucking not)

How do you rock em. i wanna get some. but i have no idea how to rock em. pics? ideas? much love

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Bay Area

True East is having a [SIZE="4"][B]hugee[/B][/SIZE] sale thursday september 27th. come on down and show support.

2 Weeks ago in United States

Hosoi Vans

Probably sick of people asking. but wheres a good place to cop em for a good price. any one ? or any place all the other post's were old. thanks

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Long hair guys

My hair isnt long but its about passed my ear. im scared to cut it. but i wanna buzz or just go short. anyone else out there feel me?

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Glow In The Dark Air Max 90's

can any one hook me up with these? or a good price [URL] size 11 or 11.5

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