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Nice all white trainers?

nobody mentioned stan smiths yet? they are definitely an option but are blowing up lately. [Image]

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Anyone buy CLARKS DB on Ebay?

I'm not sure what size you are looking for, but this reputable Amazon seller has some sizes in Beeswax for really cheap: [URL] 10.5 is going for $67. 10/11/12 for $83. Most other sizes seem to be $100+ though.

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Small DENIM Questions Thread

[Quote]they would definitely shrink. if they have never been washed then they have probably stretched out a fair bit too. I would just give them a warm soak or wash and hang dry them. you might be surprised how much they shrink.

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Blank raglan cut t-shirts?

I saw Urban had a couple from a brand called Feathers, which I know nothing about. Here they are: [URL]

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Sites For Simple, Unbranded Clothes?

COS ([URL]) is a relatively new site that sells mostly basics. I've heard their quality isn't amazing but is a step above the brands you mentioned. Prices do reflect that though.

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