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fuk yo sandwich

this game is pretty fun. i pwned my friend's sandwich the other day at Quiznos. found the rules on google: RULES 1. Once a person joins this group he/she is a player for life. Never punch a persons sandwich unless they are a player. 2. The game begins when one has taken the first bite of the sandwich. 3. Once the said sandwich has been bitten, ripped or cut into, the sandwich is open for punching. 4. Once the sandwich is set down it must be covered with an object. Any object is welcome as long as it is an adament object. Example: you can put a ketchup packet on the sandwich but you can't just put ketchup on top of the sandwich. Sesame seeds don't count, don't be an asshole. Other examples of objects you can use: fries, forks, spoons, knives, salt or pepper packets, napkins, wrappers, A FRIKIN OBJECT OF ANY SORT! 5. In the event that a sandwich has been bitten, ripped, modified by adding more things or cut into by the owner and set down without an object being placed upon it, that sandwich is legally punchable. (Note: the sandwich owner must have his hands off of the sandwich as well) 6. Once punchable that sandwich is punchable until an object is placed upon it, or it is picked up/touched by the sandwich owner. 7. The object used to cover the sandwich cannot be touched or manipulated by anyone at any time. Example: if someone bumps your table in an attempt to knock off the fry that's covering your sandwich and the fry falls off, the sandwich cannot be punched because someone manipulated the object. There is an exception to this rule however. SEE BYLAWS; ACTS OF GOD. 8. In the event that a sandwich is unjustly punched the person that wrongly punched the sandwich must buy the vicitim a brand new sandwich. 9. Enjoy! Welcome to the sandwich punch game. You are a player for life and we look forward to punching your sandwich soon! We have included BYLAWS and an F.A.Q. Section for questionable senarios. Don't worry, we've got you covered! BYLAWS THE PRE-CUT SANDWICH: In the event of a person receiving a sandwich that is pre-cut into halves/fourths/etc. the person will usually eat one half first. Only the half that is being eaten is in play. The other half is off limits until a bite is taken out of it. This rule only applies if the sandwich comes pre-cut. If the sandwich owner cuts the sandwich in half his or her self, then both halves must be covered so as not to be punched. ACTS OF GOD In the event of an act of God, the object that is covering a persons sandwich is altered by something that is not at the will of any other persons around the sandwich. An example of this is if a random gust of wind blows off a napkin that someone is using to cover the sandwich, that sandwich is fair game to be punched. Another example is if there is an earthquake and it knocks off a fry covering someones sandwich, the sandwich is fair game to be punched. Once again, these are acts of God, which mean that no one in the proximity of the sandwich had anything to do with the manipulation of the covering object. THE COMPLETE SANDWICH In order to punch a sandwich it must be a complete sandwich. In the event that someone puts down their sandwich and takes off one of the pieces of bread, it is no longer a complete sandwich. This method of protection is comperable to putting an object on the sandwich. Keep in mind, however, that the bread is what makes the sandwich whole, not the inner contents. So don't think that you don't have a "complete" sandwich just because you took some lettuce out. As long as there are two pieces of bread its game on.

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it's a must to thrust.


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