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Asher Roth

Two new tracks from the album leaked today. Looking forward to 4/20. Lion's Roar ft. Busta Rhymes [URL] enjoy edit: Sorry, i realized i should have used a more descriptive title.

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[WTB] Slim Raw Indigo Denim - 30x34

Looking for a new pair of raw indigo denim, must be in new or almost new condition. I'm especially interested in APC New Cure/Petite Standard, Nudie Grim Tim/Thin Finn, Skull 5010xx. Must be at least 34 inseam. PM me any offers, thanks in advance. Located in Toronto.

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[WTB] 30x34 Grim Tim/Thin Finn

Looking for a pair of Nudie Grim Tim/Thin Finn in a dry/raw wash. Preferably unworn or in similar condition. PM me please!

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[WTB] sz30 APC NS/PS or Nudie SJ

please delete

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[WTB] - Blackhawks fitted 7 3/8-7 1/2

Looking for a new or mint condition blackhawks fitted, 7 3/8 or 7 1/2, interested in all colours. Let me know what you have (pickup available in Toronto)

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TORONTO: buying a suit

i'm looking for a modern, slim fitting suit on a short budget (high school events). budget is around 250, and i realize i wont be getting anything quality so i don't need any lectures about paying for a quality suit. what are some good places to check out, other than the obvious h&m and zara. any help is appreciated thanks.

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a trak - dirty south dance

if anyone has A Trak's album Dirty South Dance, please pm me a link to download. thanks

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the roots

so ive always enjoyed the roots, but i never fully got into them except for the Game Theory album. im going to see them live in a few weeks, what are some of their best tracks that i should be playing on repeat? You Got Me is my favourite right now...

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NB "un-purple devils"

anyone know the model number WITH the colour code for this shoe? [Image] it should be M1500xxx...i need to know the colour code!

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Team Canada DJs

Anyone know where I can download or find their albums online? Im looking for both the 1st and 2nd one.

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GLC - I aint even on it yet

the opening line of this song is "trips to tijuana smoking ganja with fannah" i'm wondering what fannah/fanna/fonnah refers to, anyone know?

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Winzy Search Engine

Does anyone use Winzy as their primary search engine? It's like google, and yields very very similar results, except you get points and or instant prizes for every search you make. It's not one of those win an ipod scam sites, its pretty much just a regular search engine that gives you chances to win prizes every once in a while. You get to sign up for an account and refer friends. You can win prizes like Amazon giftcards, ipods, and other things. The cool thing is that when you refer a friend, whatever they win you win also. The points are probably worth nothing but they give away a lot of gift cards and such. It's kind of cool. [URL] Thats my referral link to sign up, i honestly think its cool. If im not allowed to do this then mods delete my referral link, regardless i think this is a cool site.

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Best Bar for underage- [TORONTO]

First of all, no flaming. I've always been a house party kind of guy, but after going bar-hopping over the march break, im really starting to enjoy bars/pubs. What are some of the most relaxed bars/drinking spots in Toronto? Share locations/experiences? Man, i wish toronto was more like montreal :O

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Drake -the artist

This might belong in the music section, but i figured it would get a better response here. Does anyone have links to download a full collection of songs by Drake (the rapper from toronto also on DeGrassi)? I know he's done songs with little brother, malice from the clipse, and he has a kick push remix, but i cant find links to any of these songs. If any has them available, PM me please!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Vans SK8 Hi in Toronto

Quick question, where is the best place to buy Vans SK8 His in Toronto, and whats the best price? I'm looking for the mid cut checkerboard style, either black and white or black and gray. Let me know, I'm not too familiar with the skate shops, thanks.

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