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http://www.reddit.com/r/supremeclothing/comments/13kqd9/fsft_nyu_torches_camp_cap/c74tjza lls yall frail 14 camp cap jockin fuck bois crack me up, and i know 50% of da nikkaz on that subreddit are OFT & HB membaz

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Came home from the club early.......

ok, ok, ok.....i kno i be trollin alot but son...this shit actually happened and i couldnt tell my homies... this fine THICKKKKKKK AZZZZZZ spanish bitch was twerkin all up on my dick...my shit was hard az hell for lyke 4 songs...most girls when i gets a boner they dip and look at me all weird but mami was handlin my shit good. as the music picked up...she started grindin harder.......till the point where i nutted. my face told it all to da others... everyone saw my face and started laughin and pointin...the sexi bitch i was dancin got all disgusted and pretty much called me lame...i was laughted out dat bitch plz tell me this has happened to someone else and is normal.....

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Holy Shit, Sudden Realization vol. Me & All My Nikkaz are lamez

bruh, for da past 2months me nd my nikkaz been hittin up all da bars nd shit twice a week but all we do iz just be by da bar counter chilin watchin da game wen in reality all of uz iz skared of approachin dat pussy sahnnn i thought i was a die hard fan watchin da baseball playoffs not gettin distracted by hoes wit mynikkaz but relle iz juz an excuse for uz to pu$$y out.....bruh....im 23 nd aint neva had a tungue on my dick...wht shuld i do

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how dangerous iz flabush x washington heights?

These zombie flatbush nikkaz dont seem hood, lyke they live in the hood but dey on sum whyte boy stoner shit which makes me wonder if flatbush iz really dangerous or not cause i can see these dudes gettin fucked wit also how dangerous is washington heights....i herd dey gotta alot spanish mamis so i wanna hit up but if its hella hood fuck it

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ICK Nikkaz

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet my hb fam doin big thangz, just got dat major Mishka co-sign nd shit dey bringin dat real nyc hiphop bak yall i neva doubted dese nikkaz once, all dem nikkaz ugly but dey can spit 4 real and now bloxhead aint gunna be da only one in the hb history bookz...... [Image] lol. to contrary belief i cant wait till these nikkkaz realle make it and so the can get that 1.5 pitchfork ratin and get ethered 4real, suburb hipsters posin as hood nikkaz needa stay outta flatbush and go back to williamsburg before yall get robbed...........................................again

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Just wanted to let you know that you are the fuckin' MAN, thanks for all of your hard work on the board all of these years.

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21st century rap……no dissin, real shit vol. dont ban me

ok, serious discussion here: it still fucking baffles me that Rick Ross is successful as he is today This nigga went from being a footballer player at college to a fucking Parole Officer. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CLEAN RECORD TO BE A FUCKING CORRECTIONS OFFICER...people are fucking stupid so I can see okay ppl still gonna listen to this fat boy's fake records but niggas who talk about they hate how nowadays you can rap about something and never have to have had experienced it still cosign ross and make records with him..smfh. To my next point........hb's favorite shitty indie rap group, InnerCityKids. Nigga how the fuck you gonna go from a long island suburb to go to a shitty CUNY school claim Brookyln/nyc as yo hood and then get robbed like a bitch. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/02/nyregion/saved-by-the-cops-band-nearly-loses-everything-in-bed-stuy.html "This is not the kind of neighborhood people like us move into,” said Zayd Brewer" Hindsight: “A guy asked me, ‘What do you think of it here?’ ” Mr. Brewer said, “and I was like, ‘It’s cool, there’s a lot of cultural pride.’ And he just [b]laughed.[/b]” lol nikka you are the biggest bitch ever...first you just had a shitty rap/rock group that you thought was unique and then from there you gonna get robbed/pistol whipped in bed-stuy and then start a group called the INNER CITY KIDS? if this isnt being a poser idk what is...nikka you like the underground version of rick ross cept he can spit and got flow and you just sound like an angsty anxious herb. ok ok, enough hating for a min but seriously? hip hop/rap aint dead its just the acceptance of posers thats killing creativity,individuality. in a way this music shit if supposed tob e like street journalism. i you want spit fictional shit like tyler creator and be real about yo self thats fine at least but saying you BOUT THAT LIFE is crossing the line. name other artists/discuss

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

For Those have quit masturbatiin. vol. real talk

FINALLY feelin that porn induced ed coming along and shit so i'm gonna stop but for those that stopped.........after not jerkin for 90 days..cant you go back as long as you only look at porno once a day from that period one? like once you get to this point no more jerkin to internet porn forever? 4eva eva? not even trollin mayne the thought of no more kelly divines and alexis texas vids fuccin sux, but my dick barley get hard to those vids now as it is :/

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Who else here doesn't have a father to share this day with?


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Are the days of 2005-early 2010 ever going to come back again? The idea of stories/culture being behind the garment and not just another mass produced logo worn by masses seen on every rap video/country club. The days of discovering new artists and subcultures through Nike Sb and t-shirt collaborations. I keep kidding myself like nah just chill when all these little kids move on to another fad all the ole heads will come back and game will re-invent itself but no. It's like you niggas forgot where yall came from The same niggas that dressed like this [Image]

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Bet no one can beat mah record of 2 months smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface REAL MEN DONT GIVEZ A FUK, YALL FRAIL FUCKS USE YO MOISTURIZER ND SHIT, WHO WIT ME ON DIS ONE?

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Lucas Vercetti's Bitch vol. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


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James Jebbia's Bitch vol. LOL

yo dis nikka own da b1g3st br4nd 0f all tyme nd dis da best he can do? check out hiz gurls twitta lls https://twitter.com/#!/okpissoff

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im confuzed....y do u nikkaz like carhartt?

am i missin sumthin or wut? http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/xgn.aspx?deptid=84439&catid=84850

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

iz MOS a cop now?

dis nikka on the wdywt thread a week ago was askin some dude who posted a fit if he arrested him on sum street in nyc how da fuk dis nikka gunna go from wanna be coke dealer to fuckin nypd now? if yall dont beleve me loook in da wdywt thread

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