{FS} Supreme FAP - A - LOT RECORDS Satin Jacket

Size medium satin jacket, 210 shipped add 4 % paypal if you choose to [Image]

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Federal government fucked me dry son

Instead of getting a refund this year I owe 469 in taxes  [Image] check how many allowances you choose on your W-4 fam

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Jury duty

Anyone here been summoned to jury duty? Got a notice in the mail for next month. I heard that if there no trial they let you go but you wait for hours or some shit

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Fuck subway employes doe

I swear man every time I go and get a sub these niggas are tight with the avocado. 1.50  extra and they only give me a few slices, niggas acting like there's a global avocado shortage or sum shit. lol at that tip jar too

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Whos Imageshack does this belong to? ( strong sus)

[URL] I'm not even gonna say anything

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What kind of asics are these Vol. (srs)

[URL] Help me out hb fam

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Wheres Pinoy Killer?? VOL.RIP

He was suppose to be mod and bann all the pinoys [Image] fool caught a strong L doe

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How much do you make an hour Vol. not enough

I'm making 9.50 at a macys warehouse I mean its a little better than min wage but the work is fuckin boring inb4crackpipedick15/hr

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OFFICIAL No fap January 2013 VOL. Mind over Matter

Alright fam, its the new year and that means we must test our endurance and perseverance by refraining from fapping good luck everyone imma break my record of 14 days this year

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Happy Birthday Vol. Brandon McCartney

Let us take time to celebrate the birthday of the Based God [Image] Happy 23rd Birthday Lil B

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The fast life

Check this out - http://richkidsofinstagram.tumblr.com/ [Image] 7,000 thousand dollars for a bottle of patron that costs $60 max, fuckin crazy. That money is gonna dry up real fast with these purchases.

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