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[FS] Ronin Hellhounds Hoodie

Located in ATL Paypal is preferredĀ  Size L Worn 4x Looking for $40 shipped PM for pics

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Buying my first DSLR

I'm considering buying an entry level DSLR and have read up quite a bit about the different models available. I plan on using it primarily for my travels and the various people/cities/scenery I encounter. Right now, the Nikon D5200 seems like a good option, but anything around the $900 range is something that is affordable. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Camera for traveling

I'm searching for a camera in the price range of ~$300. It will mainly be used for shooting scenery/landscapes as I will be traveling, but obviously capable of your every day type picture. For this reason, I would prefer something that is somewhat portable too. I'm not a serious photographer, so I don't need the best of the best, if you will. Any recommendations?

2 Weeks ago in Tech