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French or German?

I'm currently taking Spanish as a freshman in college and will be finished with the required courses after this year so next year, I wanna pick up either French or German. They both seem really interesting to me but I can't decide which would be easier/more useful. Suggestions?

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Graduation Open House Music

Hey, just looking for suggestions on music for my open house playlist. I need like feel good songs and recent popular music so it appeals to everyone coming but I dont listen to the radio so I dont even know what songs are hot right now. So far I've got: The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars I'm on One - Drake Beautiful People - Chris Brown How to Love - Lil Wayne God Bless Us All - N.E.R.D All of the Lights - Kanye West We All Try - Frank Ocean

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Need a good rapper/lyricist to use for a school paper

the assignment is to write about a poet and standard things like that but i asked my teacher if i could write about a rapper if the lyrics were good enough to write a 5 page paper about [i need to use three songs/poems in the paper]. im going to have to dissect the lyrics for poetry and literary techniques like metaphor and meter and what-have-you to find common tendencies of the poet or in this case rapper. so any suggestions?? i was thinking maybe lupe but im open. tl;dr - need a rapper with dope/meaningful lyrics for a 5 page paper so i dont have to write about some random poet

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Hey Gaiz, check my new songg :)

[URL] tell meh wut yew think?!

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Current Ignorant Mainstream Rap Songs That You Love

yeahhh theyre wack songs, but they still get you hype and hit hard Pretty Boy Swag - Soulja Lemonade - Gucci Oh Lets Do It (remix) - Wocka Flocka, Diddy, Rick Ross

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Anyone Else Has/Had Problems Like This?

So I'm mixed but i look black and i'm dating a white girl, (i'm a senior in high school, she's a junior for reference)and we're all happy and whatnot, but her parents are becoming totally unbearable with their racism. When i got into the relationship, i didnt know the extent to which they were racist apparently. But i can only see her at her house when the mom is there and her mom and dad are essentially preventing us from ever going out to the movies or dinner and whatnot. At first, i thought it was just ordinary concern like they would have to get to know me first to get comfortable but we've been dating for well over a month now and they havent let up at all. And I'm not like a stereotypical black guy. I'm well-dressed and well-mannered and i make great grades and am obviously going to college for a good career and they dont dispute this; however simply because of my skin color, the are now refusing to let me see her at all. any tips/advice?

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Okay so I realllyyy need some help!

You know how if you played Sonic The Hedgehog back in the day and you collected a bunch of rings but then by some chance you ran into a bad guy that caused you to lose all of the rings at once? And there's a verrryy distinctive sound that plays as you lose all of your rings. I want that sound as a ringtone for text messages but for some reason among all the random ringtone sounds from sonic i can find online, i cant find the particular one that i want. Wanna help me?! Do it!

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Would Like Feedback on a Beat.

I really enjoy it. [URL] all original music. edit: Shiiiieett, wrong forum. lol could a mod possibly move it?

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[WTB] $800 to spend so sell me your shit! (Bape/BBC/Supreme/etc)

Im about to receive $800 to do with as i please so sell me some shiittttt! M in tee's [preferably L in Bape but i will buy M also] L/M in hoodys or jackets

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Need songs to play for my school's rumble at bball games

hey, just lookin for some ideas for get-hype songs to play on guitar and set when theyre announcing the basketball team.

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Advice on Tagging

Ive always wanted to get into tagging and graffiti and whatnot. Any advice for a beginner? i have artistic talent and i can draw just about anything but ive never been all that great at this.

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Lookim For Some Feedback on a Couple Beats

lookin* lol [URL] smokeyfacesmokeyface

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Kanye West - Amazing Music Video Stills

Directed by Hype Williams [URL] [Image]

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Chappelle Show Appreciation Thread

popped in the season 2 today. why did this show have to leave us?! [URL]

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O'Reilly Attacks Eminems New Video

lol @ saying no one takes him seriously and he represents the lowest class of entertainment yet ems been called one of the top lyricists ever. [URL] all of this because Em said he wants to fuck Palin which has been said many times by many different people. lol

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