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Im so sad vol. Farewell HB

I just dont understand anymore. Kids posting pics of girls that are giving them attention. Brand threads are getting closed. Everybody is in on the satirical homo vibe. Kids care more about their post count more than their mom. The fuck is wrong with you all? Like does the internet, and/or HB, consume you that much? I finally understand where the mods are coming from. You guys are so pathetic that they dont even care anymore. Ether threads/ Call-Out threads have no value anymore. Join Date has no value anymore. Fuck the mods dont have value anymore. I will still continue to lurk on the video and white girl threads. But besides that, I will allow you children to continure with your foolishness. I know I wasn't a very popular poster, but I will say my thanks, and goodbye HB. Farewell guys. It was cool for the couple years it lasted.

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Bringing chicks home vol. grenades

Last night was on some real life jersey shore shit. Me and the homie bring back girls to my apartment, Im with the cute one and he's with the beat one. This dude didnt jump on the grenade for me. On some bullshit, because ive done it for him. You guys do the same yay or nay? edit: apparently I got her number she texted me today, will post pics if she adds me on facebook

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should i make an avtar vol. im unoriginal as fuck

ive been on here long as fuck.. i feel like some of you have recognized me but others havent because wihtout an avatar i just blen n like very other faggot on this forum.. just post dope ass avatrs for me .... p,s, im druk as fuk... im white and usally dont tyep like this

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Two bitches on my dick… both want a relationship vol. what the fuck do I do

Im not huge on making threads but I got female A and B right now and both say they wont fuck me until im in a relationship with them. Thing is they are both almost the same in attractiveness (im not posting pistures fuck that im not getting fucked over by hb stalkers) the thing is im straight up sexting A on the daily saying that she wants to fuck me and going into detail and shit. The other one its a little bit newer and we flirt all the time but shes finally single. Im feeling both of them like theyre both cute as fuck both are fun and funny as fuck. I just dont know how to decide. This is the third time this has happened to me and both other times shit blew up in my face. Oh and they both run with almos like the same friends. They know of each other but females are all fucking like two-faced and shit and i cant really trust anyone. Does HB have any tips EDIT: Girl A is actually down to fuck on thursday.. im getting it in and will post results if she is worthy enough to keep around

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how often do you drink? vol. dat alchohlic lifestyle

So how often you do fuck boys drink? my ex called me an alcohlic because i drink between 5-7 days a week. Im only 20 ( turned 20 on the 27th) and i dont think i drink that much. I mean im a little buzzed right now but yea, answer the question.. edit: i go to school and work as a server full time

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S/S '12 5 panel, Camps and more CHEAP Safari Snakeskin Camel Herringbone Camo

All Prices are "gift" or add 4% No Trades Please. Need Cash NO international shipping Please shoot me offers you buy more than one thing you will save money [SIZE=4][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]BUY ALL FOUR CAMPS and 5 panel for 300!!![/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] Brown snakeskin - 9/10 $65 only problem is creases from shipping which have never gone away Olive Herringbone Duck Camo - 9.5/10 worn twice $85 Pink Camel 9.5/10 - worn 3-4 times $85 Tan Safari 9.5/10 - worn once $85 Houndstooth "S" 5 panel - 10/10 only tried on $60 [Image]

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FS XL White CDG x Supreme tee, XL Kate Tee

I got jacked last night at a party and need money ASAP, for a hotel room, thats due tomorrow. SUPER CHEAP DO NOT SLEEP Paypal only, gift or add 4% (i will not ship unless you have added 4%) Prices are firm (dont be gay when i am selling these for fucking cheap) Please Dont Flake! [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]TODAY ONLY BUY THEM BOTH FOR 150 SHIPPED![/COLOR][/B] White XL CDG Collab tee 85 Shipped! Condition 9.5/10 worn 3 times/no washes There is some SUPER FAINT blueish stain on the very bottom of the tee. Probably came from my jeans, It is so faint that I can BARELY even capture it in a pic but I have it up to show you what it looks like. Besides that it is flawless and only worn 3 times [Image]

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FS XL CDG x Supreme Grey Hoodie

SOLD Lefty you can delete this now

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F/S/T DSWT CDG Red Box Logo Camp Cap

S/0 115 Shipped BIN 130 shipped DSWT 100% authentic Gift or add 4% will entertain trades for any tees in an xl. must be in my favor (only slightly will entertain anything) [Image]

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EDC Vegas 2012

[Embed content] Who is cruising to this shit? I'm not huge on electronic music but my friends are, and this is basically a reason to go to vegas and get fucked up for 5 days straight with all the homies, and hopefully fuck a bunch of e-tards. So yea post your shit if your going or like any past experiences and all that Note: PLEASE dont come in here to troll dubstep and trance and all that shit, like i said im not really into it

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best blog of all time vol. texts from bennett

[URL] I dare you not to laugh. also, read the heading first

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Dont Fuck With Tattoo Artists vol. Does bitch deserve it?

[URL] tl;dr.. Chick cheats on bf tattoo artist, he tattoos some shit (literally) on her that she "signed for".. got into an argument with a girl on facebook who thought it was fucked up "because he permanently damaged her well-being" or some bitch ass shit like that, anyway you think she deserve it?

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I'm open to any trade offers and prices. CASH COMES FIRST, no matter what. Prices include shipping BUT if you do not want to gift me money you add 4%, choice is yours If you want the bag you can have it idc haha. Prices: Snakeskin Camp: 70 Lora Piana Fitted: 80 [Image]

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Pointless Threads vol. Trolling

Remian Fuckin stop already B its not funny.

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Currently Accepting Donations

[Image] Help fam out? Any amount is greatly appreciated

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