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Infiniti g20t or Audi s4/a4?

Here's the break down To make an S4 a 10 sec street car it will cost you 25,000 To make an A4 a 10 sec street car it will cost you 10,000 Just so you can get a feel for price differences between the two. Ya you'll drop a lot if something goes wrong with the engine. If you do it yourself and know where to get parts. Its actually cheaper to fix your Audi than a Nissan haha. My A4 same body as yours gets me about 24mpg city and 30-34mpg highway. Dunno about the G20. But the G20 is a fwd car. If you're going to buy an Audi please get a quattro. Great all around use. More utility. Nicer interior, but you will be running premium gas.

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Nissan R33 Skyline is technically a federalized car according to paper work sorted from Motor-X who use to import Skylines. I hear if you import a car into michigan. You can get a goat registered there. So I think thats your best bet. Just because its legal in canada does not mean its legal in the US. I've seen many many cars impounded because of it.

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13B Rotary

Funniest shit about the FD. Its a Map sensor only rotary. So lets say you put exhaust on it without reprogramming the ecu. You're engine can go BOOM lol. They're only fininky because Mazda was too stupid to put a MAF on the car aswell. It can only read manifold pressure and not the flow of air so it makes it really hard to judge for how much fuel to add. Because we all know bigger turbos flow more air at the same PSI than a smaller turbo...

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Best car for 10k

I don't know how the hell I ended up here. But I've driven far more than my fair share of cars. It really does come down to what you want to drive. Yes Out of all the cars I see you have listed I'd say B5 S4. Go to arizona pick one up with 4X,XXX Miles on it for 11,000? But the problem with that is. 2.7TT parts are very expensive. AP1 S2000's are fucking fun, when you're above 7000rpm. AP2's can lick my asshole. I liked revving it out to 11k(no recommended btw) Biggest problem ever with the S2000. You're going to blow up your rear diff when you lower it. And thats gonna cause you a lot of money and pain. M3 I don't really have anything against. Besides the fact that a lot of doucebags drive them hahaha. BMW is a great company makes some great cars. I'd suggest the A4 though I have an older one. Love it to death. Just recently put the S4 Brakes on it. The quattro system is golden. All mechanical center differential not having to worry about wear and tearing and blowing it up. If you heard the 1.8t is a bad engine you're hearing things too. Mines at 190k Miles and holding strong. Stock block can put out a good 350whp pretty reliably. But ya go test drive shit see what you like.

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