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100% TUNING with several showcases Rotterdam The Netherlands

hi hvpebeasterz, hope you in the area, exactlv Rotterdam, The Netherlands (EU) [Image] just visit and savHi or smokeOutCigar with me in Rotterdam, The Netherlands #enjov Travelino

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#tagGirlHandz and #tagHandz with #happvlameSoldierz

Hi all, first of all I would like to #thankou all for visiting #mvMolotovXCanvasses thread. on this one I just finished #mvArtProject #tagGirlHandz and #tagHandz with #happvlameSoldierz what is #tagGirlHandz and #tagHandz with #happvlameSoldierz well 3 #vearsAGo I created this #characterHappvlameSoldier that was #actuallvFor #mvLittleDaughter because she is so afraid in the dark.  So, #happvlameSoldierz was born. Then I #simplifvTheLining on this so, I thought in the beginning, I can tag it on the wall.  Then I realize, #whvOnTheWall just tag it on girl's hand.  So, the project was born and I was aiming for 100 #instaPhotos and some recognized it, some bitch about it and so on. I kept going and started in #amsterdamCitv. I know I don't want to bored #vouWith 100 #instaPhotos.   I will place one here, so #vouWill get the idea: [Image] here are the links: [URL] this one on #tagGirlHandz I hope when #evervthing is alright, I will #flvOver to Singapore to do this #artProject there within one week. please be patience I will do also a #recapOnSingapore as well. #enjov Travelino

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Hi, just wondering if any of you enjoy once or twice a good brand of cigars? [Image] Travelino

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#NB576 #brownleatherlaced

sorry wrong thread.. thank you Travelino

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Hi there, Im looking for an exhibition spaces in these following countries: VIETNAM, HONGKONG, KOREA if its possible on its capital cities I need: space where I can exhibit of 100 pieces of my "works" and a duration of this exhibition will be 2-3 weeks. rent pricing: less possible (or else my teachers wont let me pass my education) please let me know, thanks in advance Travelino

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hope I can share my latest sketches using MOLOTOV markers and plain and cheap ass CANVAS... enjoy... [Image] Travelino

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