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Doesn't matter what color just has to be MEDIUM  The better the condition the better.  I pay through paypal and can do meet ups in LA area.  I can be reached at jtong1994@gmail.com or at 626 675 3967, call or text me whenever!

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Excatly what it says! looking to get one new would be great kinda used is eh... but ill settle, not looking to buy it for rape.  Lmk what you guys have thank you!

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Hey guys looking for a worn or new (WORN WOULD BE BETTER) white box logo hoodie.  I am also looking for a black one, this one I would rather have it in good condition.  Please text me or call me at 626 675 3967 if you are selling anything that fits what I'm looking for!  THANK YOU, Jonathan Tong

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SOLD........... fastest shit ever.... DIDNT EVEN NEED PICS

Hello, Selling a Supreme CDG Navy Coach jacket Located in the CA near the Supreme Store in LA looking for around $400 shipped plus paypal fees BUT PLEASE OFFER ME UP CASH!  OFFERS TAKEN!!!  Kind of looking for trades lmk what you got  refer to the pictures 626 675 3967 call or text for faster response OR email me at jtong1994@gmail.com (PM's dont always work now a days)  PLEASE REFER TO THE PICTURES [Image]

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WTB F/W 2012 Pullover jacket MEDIUM

Please help me out looking for it in any colorway! I have a few things to trade let me know what you guys got!!! Please don't steal all my money for these! THANKS!

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Supreme Clothing Washing Thread

There's a Supreme thread, use it.

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WTB Supreme x Northface Hot Shot backpack and Supreme Key hook

Looking to buy or trade for a Supreme Hot Shot backpack! Any color is fine with me! I have some hoodies to trade for and some cash to offer also looking for Supreme Key hook Gold or silver one is fine. THANKS!

2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

[WTB] Supreme Long Sleeves medium

Pm me what you got interested in almost anything!!! Thanks guys!

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Agreement between Tr1ckyahtr1ck and Kranestlye

This agreement is for a Supreme x CDG Navy hoodie size medium for $325 pus 4% paypal fee which comes out to be $338 This agreement is also for a Supreme x Popeyes hoodie grey in size medim for $200 dollars plus 4% paypal fee which comes out to be $208 dollars. Do you agree @kranestyle

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Supreme x TNF Day pack Medium packpack

Hey Guys, I'm selling a brand new still sealed in bag Supreme x The North Face backpack. I bought this from the web store when it came out. Nothing is wrong with the backpack, the reason why I am trying to sell it is because I want to get a bigger one, this one is just to small for me. Im looking for $136 plus the 4%paypal fee and shipping fees Not really looking for trades unless it is another backpack from Supreme such as Hot Shot one in either color I HAD PREVIOUS OFFERS FROM THESE PEOPLE AND THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!! -Noteworthy offered me a Hot Shot backpack and kate moss tee and asked me to ship first and not create a contract with hypebeast forum -SRET55 offered me a field jacket, last supper jacket, and 08 coaches jacket JUST A HEADS UP BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE here are some pictures from my phone I will get better ones upon request, or tomorrow I also included a stock picture from the Supreme website [Image] Thanks for looking!

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[WTB] Supreme x Playboy Coaches jacket or Pocket tee MEDIUM

anyone got anything from the collection? ANYTHING from the collection will be fine just PM me and let me know what you have! Thank you!!

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[WTB] Supreme x CDG hoodie in medium

anyone selling one in medium? any color is perfectly fine :}

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MODS CAN YOU HELP ME MOVE TO OTHER GOODS THREAD? PM me what you have! I'm not sure which backpack i want yet but just PM me. Worse I can say is no. Nothing really for trade, just have cash in hand. I kind of am leaning towards the Hot Shot backpack!

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black history month kobe 6

i have a size 8.5 black history month kobe 6's for sale they are dead stock im looking for around 250 please refer to the link for pictures [URL] i couldnt get a clear picture of the tag, but if you are really intrested in the tag i can try my best to get one for you please call or text 626 675 3967 or email [email]jtong1994@gmail.com[/email] thank you

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Air jordan retro 3's black history month size 8 and 9.5

im selling 2 pairs of retro 3 black history month shoes im looking for around 400 each pair they sizes include 8.5 and 9 they are both in deadstock condition i lined up for the at the house of hoops in the beverly center they are 100% real no fakes, i even included a picture of the transaction slip. please refer to link for pictures [URL] i tried my best to get the tag of each shoe but it was hard casue i was using my iphone, i did get the sticker that says waht size it is with a little date tag if you really want the tag picture i will try my best to get it for you thank you call or text 626 675 3967 or email [email]jtong1994@gmail.com[/email] also selling the kobe 6's

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