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CDG 2013 CAMP(red dot)

dead stock [Image]" />

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Supreme CDG Coaches jacket and camp (red dot)

Gonna let this stuff go much cheaper than current ebay prices .. as i always do have confirmation emails .. usually takes 3-5 days to get to me tops then i ship NEXT MORNING or same day $400 shipped for jacket SIZE LARGE (navy / red dot) $110 shipped for camp (red logo) $500 shipped for both i have several references on here, ebay, instagram, etc..  414-699-8832 feel free to text me ...

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Louis Vuitton Brown Damier Belt Size 95

Brown Damier Louis Vuitton belt size 95 (30-38 i wear a 33-34 and use the middle hole) .. VERY very good condition only worn a few times to work (sit down office job) .. gift from my wife .. was $465 + IL 9.5% tax = $500+ out the door .. 10000% authentic .. can even call Northbrook store and verify the purchase under my name you guys know i dont deal with fake bs $350 shipped CALL / TEXT 414-699-8832 Todd [Image]

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FS no trade CAMO Box Logo Hoodie Size L - $230 SHIPPED!

[Image] ***text for as many pics as you want!*** best price on here by far worn 2 times literally into work and out .. not while in the building (too hot in there LOL) .. probably 3 hours of total wear time ... just not my style .. $230 SHIPPED will ship with bag, sticker, and in OG packaging .. honest seller with 325+ feedback 100% (user name on ebay = speed13racing) selling clothing, jordans, nikes, etc always legit .. no BS ... not gonna lie and call is DS when i really could.. this is CLEAN TEXT ME IF INTERESTED (will send more pics if requested).. firm on price for now .. dont "need" to sell, but not wearing it and i know someone else would appreciate more 414-699-8832 Todd

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still salty about the site freezing and gettin cart jacked... will pay decent lil resale price ... SIZE 13 ONLY CAMO ONLY DS prefered but if price is right VNDS will be considered ... PAYPAL REAAAAAAAADY ... no bullshitin may also trade camo box logo (Large) but prefer to buy CASH

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posssible to turn back on message notifications?

leme know .. annoying to not know if i have any PMs without going in and lookin

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WTB – Supreme Hats and T’s for GOOD PRICES .. PAYPAL READY TODAY

open minded .. if i dont have it i might want it .. all hats ... camps, 5s, 6s, beanies ... will pay up to $50 shipped all ts ... size Large ... will pay up to $35-40 shipped you can either list on ebay for 25% over retail along with 10,000 other resellersand hope while you sit on it for months, list on here and bump for months at a time and hope, or sell to me CASH IN HAND ... PAYPAL READY ... quick and easy deals if i like the price and i like the style, consider it sold ... if you dont like my price ranges feel free to not PM me .. i understand some heat goes for more etc, but at the same time just about anything that came out in the last 1-2 years can be found any day of the week for sale so im in no rush and wont pay what i think is too much.. basically i wouldnt mind waiting and continuing to pick up shirts and hats as drops come out, but figured if someone on here was sellin for a fair price and needed some fast cash here i am **also open to worn items for a lil less money** pm me .. or text .. 414-699-8832

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feedback thread - TOUCHDOWNTODD

leave feedback for me here please ... im a 300+ 100% feedback ebayer, paypal for 10 years, etc ...

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feedback linh

bought a chenille supreme hat off him .. super fast shipping hat legit good seller! @linh

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big Diamond lot - 8 Ts (1 longsleeve!), 1 hoodie, 1 beanie (5 t's NWOT!) $200 shipped for all!~!!!

$200 shipped takes it ALL ... a freakin wardrobe basically (+4% for paypal if not a gift, have references) 4 NWOT T's (Size Large) (basketball, crooks collab, arabic type, red shirt) 1 Long Sleeve T NWOT (Large) top right corner above beanie with tiffany / lace type print 3 Ts worn/washed still clean (Size Large) (Tiffany Life, Diamond OG Script, Diamond stone in center) 1 OG Script Hoodie MEdium (worn 1 time not washed) 1 Beanie (worn 1 time) wifee bought this all for me i dont wear much as far as graphic Ts go [Image]

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those that screen themselves list equipment/setup

weighing my options on screening myself vs paying for it to be done ... if i go my own route ill be lookin for the best value in equipment, etc .. . what press you usin? what dryer (if any)? what software and machines for makin screens? etc thanks ... atleast this is info we should be able to all share .. ive been lookin at 4 vs 6 color presses

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post up black friday deals/drops OFFICIAL 2012

let's plan for black friday .. i know i gotta take the wifee shoppin so hopefully i can cop some shit before we leave ... a few dunks comin out - concepts collab but from what i understand only available in store (FML) **can anyone confirm this? id get up at 5am my time for em** - zoomies is gettin the LRs in that heat sensitive shit diamond has their $100 boxes that have like 8 t's and an accessory if youre into that or want beat around clothes LOL adam kimmell jumpsuit at supreme (and wondering if they might throw something else in there) blvck scvle i heard is havin 40% off in store only what else? help me spend $$$$$$$$$$ lol otherwise might just cop that gucci supreme coat ive been not nabbin because im worried about sizing

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Supreme Dog Duck TROOPER Brown DS $90 SHIPPED! price drop

got it yesterday, just not my style in person .. dope hat, i just know i wont wear it ... we all know they are sold out and restocks sold out ordered online .. i have 300+ feedback on ebay, paypal (you pay 4% or send as gift), etc ... possible trades but only for supreme shit .. (maybe black or blue chenille hat + some cash on your end) $90 shipped!!!! (cheaper than Ebay prices) [Image]

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FS - Diamond black/white striped pom beanie

dont see this one that often .. worn litterally 1 time $25 shipped paypal gift or add 4% .. 300+ 100% rating on Ebay (speed13racing) .. let me know hmu ..................... [Image]

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WTB - Supreme chenille black wool leather F/W 12

lookin for the black on black wool leather .. thiis one http://www.supremenewyork.com/shop/hats/wool-leather-chenille-s-5-panel/black hit me up .. have a grey big logo beanie and a brown d/d trooper coming might work a trade of some sorts up / down ... only if i have to doesnt have to be brand new, just in good shape .. paypal ready

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