NIKE AIR Jordan 5 metalic Remastered- summer 16 [Image]

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So it's been a little bit over a year since Jordan Brand started the remastered air Jordan's. How do you guys feel about it? Was it a success or a let down? With the use of better materials, details, and everybody's favorite Nike Air on them is this a good move to continue for Jordan brand?

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Karmaloop is done...Papouche where you at?

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Hol' up...Diddy gave Drizzy them hands in MIA?

[URL] If this is true then... [Image] Homie makes some good music but I was kinda starting to get annoyed by his cornball ways. He needed someone to bring him back down to earth and Diddy was just the right person to do so.

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HB Manga

Anyone here really good at drawing manga? I know some of ya'll got skills so let me see some of your art. Post em or post links to the artwork

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Is Hip-Hop Dead...Again?

So me and my co-workers were having a discussion about Iggy wining the best rap/hip-hop artist at the AMA's over Em and Drizzy. Most of my co-workers think shes new and refreshing to hip hop but one of my co-workers said hip-hop is dead again. When he said it everyone looked at him like he was a ghost or some shit and one person even said "How is hip hop dead when Mclemore (or however you spell that shit) just won a Grammy and Iggy just won the only two hip hop honors at the AMA's?" (both over Em and Drake). Do ya'll think hip hop is dead again or just an off yr? Remember no releases from any major Rap/Hip-Hop artist this yr except for both Rozay albums.

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How to disappear from society...srs

I know you will have to let go of all of your assets and close all of your bank accounts but what else needs to be done? Be removed from SS?

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Nike Air Jordan 1 X SB (yes this is real)


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Adidas announces their long term partnership with the legendary Nigo – the creator of Bape.Adidas has arguably three of the most creative designers on the roster now – Nigo, Kanye West, and Jeremy Scott. With Athletes having little to zero impact on fashion as of late, the people over at 3 stripes are recognizing the real impact players who have molded culture in to what it is today. [Image]

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She ain't even know it.


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Darren Sharper

[URL] blinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes

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RIP Brandon Knight...again

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Vittorio Missoni

[URL] Not sure if ya'll niggas are familiar with Missoni, but this is just crazy.

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Old school horror flicks.

Any of ya'll niggas into old school horror movies like "Sleepaway Camp", "The Thing", "Scream",  and "Re-Animator"? I know they look corny because of the dated tech, but the nostalgia is what makes then cool. [Embed content]

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Amine PLZ!!!

So getting bored of looking at the same anime all of the time. Can you guys please tell me about some new anime I should be checking out? TIA

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