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SCRATCH EXPO 17 "a creative fusion through hip hop from ’96 and beyond”

Scratch is about to drop a next level gallery show 'Expo 17' presented by Angelo Carnielo, Creative Director of B-Side by Wale, at Londonewcastle Project Space in Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London from Thursday 6th - Sunday 16th December 2012 [URL] SCRATCH EXPO 17 Scratch started back in Kings Cross, London, in June ’96 as a hip hop inspired club session encompassing the global dynamics of b-boy culture. Scratch at the Scala became the monthly spot to hit with regular graffiti art exhibitions & live shows. Scratch has travelled through London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Bristol, Gothenburg, Italia, Las Vegas, Australia, India & festiva ls far & wide. Scratch made it’s name in fuzing events that highlighted art in equal headline to music with often first time shows for established players. SCRATCH EXPO 17 continues the ethos behind the production telling the story through sonic & visual mediums from ’96 and beyond. The show divides the galley space in to two with a selection of international graffiti inspired abstrakt artists invited to display new works on canvas - all of whom have a relationship with Scratch through collaborations past and present. Guests include, from Italy Moneyless, France EMA, from Canada 123Klan, UK Shok1, Remi Rough, Robi Walters, Inkie, Kid Acne & Etch, from Scotland Derm, Many Styles Crew & Lyley plus a selection of creative designers, musicians & photographers from London, Japan & NYC following the on-going journey of Scratch. SCRATCH background in the words of Dave Swindells Nightlife Editor at Time Out 1986-2009: The best ideas are simple, and Scratch was (and is) simply brilliant. Hip hop culture was always about more than the breaks, beats and rhymes, yet before Scratch hip hop clubs invariably focussed solely on the DJs and the MCs, with maybe a circle of breakdancers squashed into a corner. Scratch reunited the extended elements of hip hop which had gone their separate, independent ways by 1996, and got them to party together once again. It was name-checking and showcasing the graffiti artists and breakdance crews that really made Scratch different, putting their names on the bill right alongside the guest artists, DJs & MCs. And what names they were, as Scratch provided a platform for street artists such as Banksy, Mode 2, Shok1, Rough, 123Klan, Fallen Angels at a time when they were almost unknown (and still widely regarded as vandals), while renowned breakers like the Rocksteady Crew got to battle with UK’s Second To None and Born 2 Rock. When Scratch moved into the Scala they had a much bigger stage and simply greater walls for the art, and you may have heard of acts like old school legend Ramm:ell:zee, Jurassic 5, Pharoahe Monch, Mix Master Mike, Anti-Pop Consortium, Dilated Peoples, Mos Def, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Kool DJ Herc, Afrika Bambaata and Big Daddy Kane whom they invited to come and play. The fact that Scratch also had a core crew of committed, quality DJs and dedicated party people surely helped just a little too, so it has been a joy both to experience the night and to be able to recommend a monthly event that was so damn good in so many ways. Simples.

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