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Person of interest

Did anyone watch this? The premiere aired this week and got me hooked immediately. Great action scenes, good story and great actors (Jim Caviezel and Michael Emeron). What more can we ask?

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[The Award Tour] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Already the 12th of January and no thread for Award Tour for this year? Received my beanies from the last drop a week ago. AT more than compensated the late shipping of my beanies smokeyface Can't wait to see what AT comes up with this year, hopefully there'll be more releases!

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[Flying Coffin] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Flying Coffin needs a new thread for 2011! Just received my goods from the Holiday drop and once again I'm very impressed.

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Feedback: uhhhhh durrrrr

Bought a supreme hoodie from him. Shipped internationally without problems, communicated quickly. Just bought another hoodie from him. Highly recommended!

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Flash forward

Anyone else excited about this show? Personally can't wait for this to start 24/9.. Show on tv.com [URL] To me this show has a lot of potential, but I to be honest I felt the same about Fringe before it started and it definitely hasn't lived up to it's expectations..

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Help, Quick!

I just need yall opinion. I cant decide myself which ones to buy, the price is pretty much the same (good sale for the lebrons): [Image]

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