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Transferring to SFSU- tips and advice

Yo wassup guys, I got accepted to San Francisco State University and still haven't comitted to the school yet. I went to San Francisco once for a 5th grade field trip but i honestly dont remember much. I will dorm if i go since I currently reside in Southern California. I don't know anybody from or in San Fran. I wanted to know if anybody can tell me what it's like and whats there to do for a soon to be 20yr old interested in art, fashion, music, and good food. Anything you can tell me really helps, curently having a lot of trouble making this decision.

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Nike Real Bristol how to buy help

Hey guys, i really need help trying to figure out where i can buy some of the nike x real bristol gear. the only websites that pop up is sophnet but you cant buy anything on there. I was wondering if somebody can help me with this, i would really appreciate it

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