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Fake yo-yo master

smokeyfacesmokeyfacelmfao hilarious watch the videos [URL]

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[WTB] 10.5 or 11 Black Cat, Cool Grey, or Black Cement CDP 3s

As the title says. Looking to pay under 140 or 130. Doesnt have to be ds, but prefer og everything. Meetups in chicago or i send usps mo with tracking

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[WTB] Jordans Size 10.5 or 11

I'm looking for these jordans below for under $140 or $130? not necessarily ds. I prefer a box and all og stuff. Size 10.5 or 11 -cool grey 3 or any 3 the main color is not white i will consider -flu game or nubuck 12 -space jams(if anyone doesnt want them them and wants to be nice...) -meet ups in chicago or i send concealed cash or money order. i dont have pay pal

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Inhalin' Trees

The wrong way. [URL]

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Talk to strangers.

[URL] You: o hai! Stranger: ohai You: how r u lawl Stranger: i rape u now. You: now i raped. Stranger: MmmMmMMmmmmmm You: owwwwwwwWw Stranger: atleast im not threatening to rape you with a knife like i am other people :3 You: r u a girl or a boy Stranger: iono Stranger: ]; You: i think u girl cuz only bitchez make those smiley faces Stranger: LOLWUT

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I have mono, it sucks, lawl.

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The Official High-Performance Outdoor Gear Thread

I know yall hypes dig that high-performance outdoor gear.smokeyfacesmokeyface Please keep the TNF to a minimum...... None of that denali BS!!! [Image] Got all yall faded! Post your collections up! Yall dig?

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