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[Fresh Dough] - 2014 Discussion Thread

Pre-Spring line was released less than 2 week ago (2/27/14) and a restock will be dropping tomorrow at 8pm Eastern Time. www.getfreshdough.com The brutal New England winter makes locations for lookbooks scarce, but we made the best with what we had. "All My Homies" Black Tee [Image]

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[Fresh Dough] 2013 - Official Discussion Thread

Hey everyone, I just released the 2013 Spring line. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you cop anything, leave the word "Hypebeast" in the notes section of your order and I'll hook it up. www.getfreshdough.com [Image]

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[Fresh Dough] 2012 Official Discussion Thread

Fresh Dough - Based out of Hartford, CT I'm 22, been running it all on my own since I was 19 while going to college. Recently graduated from UConn. http://www.getfreshdough.com http://www.facebook.com/getfreshdough http://www.twitter.com/getfreshdough Fall/Winter line released almost a week ago. Here are some lookbook pictures along with a few product shots. [Image]

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