The OFFICIAL CrossFit Thread

bumping this to the top, I adapt Crossfit best I can to my shitty University gym. People give me so many looks with regards to the movements I'm doing it's kinda funny. But then again I have a deadlift and squat numbers that are competitive with the football players and well above the "body builders" doing bicep curls. Crossfit is addictive and makes you a little bit of an elitist.

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Canadian University/College Students

UBC fucked up second semester of first year so failed almost 1/3rd my credits so kinda somewhere between 1st/2nd year now. Going to need to make up those credits at some point.

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Vancouver people check in!!

Yup living in Van full time for Summer and school. Originally from Toronto.

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Best Place to Eat? Vol. VANCOUVER

The Eatery on Broadway close to Alma

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