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[WTB] June 2009 cool trans neighborhood bag

I know someone is bored of it sell to me>smh

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Long story short: My mail carrier called the day off so she was replaced by a temp carrier. The temp carrier gave my package to the house behind mine. I learned this after battling the post office over the phone. I received an update confirming delivery on line. The temp finally admitted to giving it to that house. Problem is the house DGAF and claims they never received it. I know it was signed for but not by me, is there any possible route I can take to at least get my money back from someone? I would not be surprised if these people shoot me for harassing them, I have been over there twice and they are overly hostile. WTF can I do, I know this has happened to someone else!! Long story long I guess fuck the world.

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flat bar/rail

looking for something to keep at the house but easy enough to transport if need be. anyone tried the element one that the mall shops are pushing its looks really wide. i really wish they would have like an in-store display so i could skate this kinda shit before investing in it

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been looking at some boot type shoes, mainly the clarks desert boot. and although it catches my attention its doesnt seem like it works well with my wardrobe, just wondering what to wear with something like this? any suggestions? (i wear a m/l shirts so im not the the usual sufu skinny cat so i cant take much from their fits.)

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I know there is a video thread but this kids become quite the local legend. Aquired his fame by making a video commentary on jibs-chain hang low, it was basically a tirate on his hatred for the black community and every other race for that matter. its been long deleted and he got beat up for it, but he left the world with these gems to laugh at. kids pathetic hope everyone finds this nonsense as funny as i do. [URL]

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grey jeans

know there's a topic on dior alts, but this is diff was looking at both the manik and 10 deep grey jeans. was wondering if anyone has experience with either? what fits better, lasts longer, looks better? opinions needed/welcomed

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HB celebs

not celebs on HB but who on here would you get kinda amped to see in person? not fall over and shit yourself in excitement, but be like "oh theres such and such" because i dont know i think cheep is from FL and if i saw him id def double take and then alert everone around me NOHOMO, you know just in case&)

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Jordan inspired vans

I think they were a skateshop collab half cab, they looked 11ish though if I remember. any info or pics would be great. (I am still cycling through google pages trying to find them, just so you know I am putting in an effort)

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