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Nike or Converse

honestly i bought my converses 3 months ago and now the sole is done, but i use these ball shoes indoor and outdoor, my kobe crazy 8s are going prety strong, isay go with nike

2 Weeks ago in Nike

OFFICIAL Toronto Shopping Guide

LOOOL all these stores are in downntown, i love to visit them but their 2 hours away. smh

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Real World - Las Vegas (2011)

naaa this season is pretty fire, just the right amount of drama, as well as getting along that every reality show should have

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Where Is J. Cole's Place In Hip-Hop?

yeaa i agree as the years pass by, he gets more and more ishh, like disgusting, was disgusting.

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Diamond Supply Co. Carabiner

im willing to pay 15 shipped!

2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

Diamond Supply Runnin Shit, 4 C’s Black/Tiff , World Is Yours Gucci, Un Polo Yellow a

i want the THE HUNDREDS GARFIELD MEDIUM WORN 1X WASH 0X BIN:$25 SHIPPED, but how much is shipping to Canada

2 Weeks ago in Apparel