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I am fucked

God fucking damnit tonight was one of the worst nights of my life. Right now I am basically on probation(I have a withheld judgement on a DUI that I got in another state almost a year ago) Tonight I was cited for an MIPC by a fucking dick cop. I was at a party and I had a few beers and the fucking federalis showed up and broke it up. They made everyone who was under 21 stay and take a breathalizer and basically let everyone go, but I couldnt get a fucking reading on the breathalizer so they cited me and called me a jackass because I couldnt get a fucking reading. They gave me four attempts and i blew as hard as I fucking could but couldnt get a reading so they cited me for not complying with them. (btw i have asthma and i was stressed as shit if this can help me any way in court) Its fucking bullshit and now I have a court date that's a month away. If I get let off because they only have circumstantial evidence since they couldnt get a reading on me then I'm fine, but if I am found guilty my life is basically in the shit hole since my DUI will go back on my record, I have no fucking money to pay for that shit, and will probably be forced to drop out of college. What the fuck do I do HB? Any advice on my legal issues? I have mad witnesses as well. Legit advice please and i know this is a stupid fucking thread.

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Trash Talk

[URL] pretty sick concept

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Theme Party

im going to a party tonight where the theme is "party like a rockstar" i'm supposed to dress accordingly....any suggestions?

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AP psychology

is anyone in here taking the AP psych test? I'm on pacific time and was hoping to find someone that is taking it that is on eastern time so I could have some info on what the free response questions are like before I take the test.

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Woodie wood from the a-n-t-i-o-c-h

i just heard that the rapper Woodie committed suicide. anyone know if this is true?

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Hypebeast tee

someone needs to make a fucking hypebeast tee shirt...i'd rep that ish to the death

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