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Pom/Bobble Beanies!?

If anybody knows I will also be really interested please, I am in the current position of building up my brand and this will really help me.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

Hi there, I've been going through all the posts and comments and if possible, can somebody please help me out overall. 1. Where can I get both my brand logo, and clothing idea's developed in a graphical format (like develop the concept in order to print etc) 2. Are there any manufacturers you recommend which offer high quality clothing. 3. Are there any manufacturers which specialize in custom designs (if I drew up a concept, will they be able to bring it to reality) 4. Overall, how can I get my brand started, (things such as packaging, company tags, copyrighting the brand identity etc). Thanks for reading this, if anybody can come up with an answer which covers most and hopefully all of the regards, it will not only be helpful for myself, but also every other passionate people which are currently at the foundation stages.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion