First tee reminds me too much of OBEY, and yea 3rd tee is def something youd find some guido faggot who mall shops wearing. The design skills are good i think you just need to find a little more inspiration

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Overrated Brands

Bape diamond lrg

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Why do you hate Obey?

I used to be into obey up until they began selling it at boathouse and other generic mall skate/surf shops. Nowadays it seems that the only kids who wear obey are the same ones who wear bucket-ass high top adidas or the bulky DC's with the diagonal logo near the heel. anyone else know the kids im talking bout?

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Streetwear shops in Toronto

I'm not sure whether or not they have a shop but a friend introduced me to a label called NOZO Toronto. They're fucking dope & local.

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