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#Swagged Out Dance... (that I did) ((Trolls are welcomed))

[URL] I had to do this as a talent for my Mr. "High School" pageant. I didn't win... but I got talent of the night and during the pageant... when I went up, everyone was throwing up my #Swagminati "roc" sign and yelled swag. I was on some rock star shit on stage. I used TEED - "Garden", Childish Gambino - "Break", and Yeezy's "Say You Will".

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#BASED Trollin' vol. IDGAF

I'm talking to this female and I tell her I miss her and shit.....and her boyfriend pops up. #epicDouchebagWin [Image] Basically....post your "epic win" trollin' moments be it through a text, facebook post, hypebeast shit, etc.

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KiD CuDi ft. Cage - Maniac

[URL] This reminds me of some "A KiD Named CuDi" shit. It's mad dope....as he would say. smokeyface

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Any Writers Here on HB?

Just wanted to know if any of you guys actually write on your spare time? Blogs? Poems? Stories? Post your interests and pieces. Cheers!

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New dress shoes..... ???

My homecoming theme is Time and the dance is going to bet set in the future. I was going to go snoopin online for some different stuff like the Andriod Homme loafers but these would fit a suit so much better. What are your thoughts on them? Which one should I get? Could it be pulled off with a casual look? Thanks. [Image]

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Vintage Shirts: Dump or Hump?

Vintage shirts are cool in my opinion. I love the fit and the soft cotton. I only have two vintage tee's in my closet but rest assured that they're my two favorite pieces! Tell us what you think on them and where you get yours. Dump....or Hump?

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Bape x Ambush Jewelry...SIGN ME UP!

[URL] I know it's a bit dated but does anyone know where I can cop anyone of these pieces here in Miami or anywhere online? I'm desperate!

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