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The launch of by Doctrine: visualizing written philsophy throughout Clothing & Art.

Doctrine offers its personal reality of the world through clothing and various art forms. It pains Doctrine to see that there is a great waste of knowledge in the world, and mainly what could positively change if it was used more. To fulfill this quest Doctrine explores the questions in/on life and creates its own honest interpretation whilst staying free of dogma. The presentation of every collection ensues throughout a textual and visual explanation.   There is no truth, only interpretationThe creation of a collection starts with a written vision concerning predictions, beliefs and philosophies. The idea is deconstructed into visual elements and combined with sources of inspiration to form a natural environment for the end products. The concept is then reconstructed in reality through a combination of clothing, wearable art and installation art. It is an absolute necessity to remove any identifying links between the end products and the concept to remain pure. Therefore Doctrine uses full anonymity in the presentation. In the end, a product made by Doctrine is a piece of personal thought which stimulates to think. Reconsider what has been considered www.bydoctrine.com   [Image]

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First line of my clothing brand Overdeauxis. Feedback appreciated!

The first line of my brand Overdeauxis. I posted on threats earlier and wanna what y'all think about it! Overdeauxis is an Amsterdam based brand with a new (unique) concept; story telling through clothing. The story is told by features on the clothing. Like the name already explains Overdeauxis(overdoses) tells stories about extreme products, lifestyles, cultures and history. The first line is based on relatively unknown and iconic drugs like Blue Magic, Brown Brown and Krokodil (Devils Breath will follow within a month). You can read the stories behind every product on our website [URL]  info@overdeauxis.com Feedback please and a Fb like would be welcome aswell! Bless

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