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Daily Snaps 1st Qtr. 2009

[Quote] 118 north.

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[Quote] haha.. same homie.. and i also need a dslr.. =] xti,d40/60 are all good

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De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao

hopefully pac wins.. everyone know pac is going up weight smh but OSCAR has to lose weight.. which he havn't been in in a while so... that might work for.. pacblushing

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i got one.. haha ...wen i was bout 8, were heading home from the city... so it was a long ride.. so my aunts and my Lola was telling us some scary stories.. this one was at my Lola's house.. in the philippines... so yea.. its a 2 story house and the only one there was my Lola and the maid... The maid was upstairs and lola was in the kitchen cooking... and then MY Lola called her to go downstairs.. while coming down the maid saw this Lady Wearing Black Clothes sitting on the last step of the stairway....the maid thought it was Lola..... the maid tapped the Lady, then all of the sudden my Lola called her from the kitchen..... SO the maid got so freaking scared and screaming....

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Songs That Have Made You Cry

well done - passion rip lola

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