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Gilbert Arenas puts a dent in his $111 million contract

[URL] ridiculous

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Where to cop in4mation x g-shock?

[URL] thanks!

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Help me out here... TUX IDEAS.

So my lady is a senior in high school (don't worry I'm only a freshman in college). Her senior ball is coming up and as always I would like to be the most fitted person at the ball. So I need help on figuring this one out. Luckily, I am one of the owners of thriving ink, so I do have access to screen printing and embroidery and patches etc. for the coat. I have a couple of ideas for screens for the back and maybe an embroidered patch for the front chest? Maybe on the sleeve? Overall, I need help with a color scheme, type of tuxedo (slim fit, tie, no tie? etc.), shoes... Her dress will be either red white or black. Lets get some ideas rolling...

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Heavy mentals?

anyone know where i can find these? been looking for a while.

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[Image] The official Thriving Ink Clothing Release party!! hit me up at [email]mattd@thrivingink.com[/email] with your first and last name to get on the guest list!! I hope to meet some of you there.

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