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The Chillest Songs Ever!/search/song?q=Don+Gato+Peeps ^^ THIS. Jazz Not Jazz-Unchained Reaction Flying Lotus-Zodiac Shit (He never disappoints) Wavves-Glued ( for you noise pop lovers. shit trips me out when i'm in the mood for guitar) Mental Abstrato- Já Era Uma Vez. Pt.2 Hi-Tek-So Tired Crown City Rockers-D Minor Nine Zion I- Let It Flow

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Official Punk Hardcore Thread

All Bets Off- Catharsis bay legends ! The Freeze- Talking Bombs boston hardcore

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Graffiti tagging tips?

stay creative. But more importantly DON'T SNITCH and DON'T BLOW UP SPOTS. And don't bother with montana or other good paint while your still toy cuz its a waste.

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What are you listening to?

Slow Magic- Feel Flows Tycho- A walk Tycho- Adrift the classic Cypress Hill- III - Temples Of Boom The Nonce- World Ultimate Clear Soul Forces- Stack Yo Papuh ! Clear Soul Forces- Get No Better ^ new ill cats

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First day of school

since my school decided to start a fuckin dress code. ( Nothing inappropriate or crude etc. ) I'm probably gonna wear my weed shirt to piss off the staff.

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