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[Gold Coin] - 2008 Discussion Thred

Just thought id create a space for thoughts, discussion, and questions about GC. For the first time starting this spring our entire line is fully cut and sew including tees, sweats, jackets, hats, & denim. heres a few pics from our lookbook below. View the full collection at our myspace. [Image]

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Alife cingular comercial?

anyone seen the Cingular comercial where the dude is hopping back and forth to a bunch of boutiques around the US including Alife and Motive 807? if so anyone know the scoop on it / how it went down? any info would be interesting to read. thanks in advance.

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GC interview on FormatMag.com

Hey. This interview i did with FormatMag just went up today. It includes some pics of the new summer stuff along with some background on the brand. Check it out... [URL]

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GC: spring 07 batch one

[Image] ...batch 2 (hoodies) comin in a few weeks.

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DS: SuperCard or M3

hey i have a question for all fellow DS heads out there... What do you like better the Supercard Lite or the M3 Lite? ..and why? im thinking about getting one and i just wunna make sure i get the better one. thanks in advance for all replies.

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New Albino Aligator Hoodie

check it... [Image] ...embossed gator skin exterior with cream satin interior.

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