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[For Sale] Air Jordan VII citrus, V grape, VIII aqua, X violet size 9

Air Jordan V Grape Size 9, Like new, near deadstock, worn once - $275 [Image]

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Louis Vuitton Utah Lombok Leather Loafers/Drivers

size 8.5 [URL] if anybody is interested [Image]

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Dollar & A Dream 2: The Beat Tape

released my 2nd beat tape project this Valentine's Day all feedback, critique, opinions, advice etc are welcome #spreadlove [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Hypebeats: Beat Tape project [Submission Deadline: Dec 30] << HB Producers >>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>DEADLINE CHANGED TO JANUARY 19th <<<<<<<<< sup HB fam, so there's a ton of producers on this board, and we're all trying to be heard.  and since the 3rd HB Compilation fell off, I decided to start up a beat tape project of my own.. for the serious HB producers. those who are trying to connect with others and actually make moves while everyone else sits and watches tv (not directed at anyone just trying to sound motivating lol).  lets link up and actually MARKET the tape and get the word out.  i'm saying if we all share on each of our social media sites, forums, submit to music blogs, i think we could really be heard!Details: -i'm looking to put together a 10 track beat tape, only 10 cause really, who is gonna take the time to go through 20 tracks and actually LISTEN to the whole thing. -ONLY 5 producers (including me - so actually 4) will be selected for the tape, and will have 2 slots on the tape. -i'm looking for soulful type beats.  if u have a beat u produced that you personally like and feel u put your heart and soul into it when producing it, i wanna hear it. -the 5 producers selected will have their logos on the beat tape cover and also a link to their website on the back/tracklist cover -all beats submitted must be 44.1khz 16bit .WAV format -you may tag your submitted beats but DON'T OVERDO IT -send beat submissions to thoroprod[at]gmail.com -Deadline DECEMBER 30TH -i'd like to release the tape sometime in January 2013, kick off the new year right!its really a win-win for everyone.  if we all take the time to put this out there when its complete, the possibilities are endless, ya heardwe're marketing not just our beats but our talent, passion, creativity. lets show everyone why we do what we do.  Hypebeats: Beat Tape cover preview:[Image]we moving forward like Obama. get with the movement if u messing with me, if not get left behindfollow me on twitter [URL] #Hypebeats #SpreadLove #DreamTeam UPDATE ------------ Please send emails to info@hypebeast.com, requesting permission to have this promoted as an OFFICIAL Hypebeast Beat Tape!  If we get enough people, I have confidence we will be heard! >>>>>>>>>>>>>DEADLINE CHANGED TO JANUARY 19th <<<<<<<<<

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NSFW Topics

when did HB not give a ish about threads NSFW? i remember dudes getting banned for posting anything close to nudity..

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Feedback on Flyer

this is a draft of a promo flyer i have in the works to promote my beat tape. aiming to get prints and distribute by the end of the year thoughts, feedback, suggestions? [Image]

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how to do this effect in video?? i use sony vegas [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Pic Request: Jordan Brand "Love Is" Ads

does anybody have these individual ads in high res? please hook me up for those who don't know what i'm talking about. it's one of nike's best ad campaigns ever [Image]

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APC coupon code?

anyone know of any coupon codes for APC? blushing

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Dwight Howard Vs Stan Van Gundy

NBA.com reports the relationship is unsalvageable and will eventually part ways. ESPN reports they will rectify their differences and grow from this. After Dwight's performance last night, it looks like its over lol. Thoughts?

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Dollar & A Dream: The Beat Tape

sup HB fam, i just released this beat tape. please take some time to check it out! if you genuinely like what u hear i'd appreciate it if you would 'like' us on facebook http://facebook.com/thoroprod or share us on your facebook wall or both http://thoroprod.bandcamp.com [Image] All feedback welcome

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