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The Official Frog Thread Vol. 2


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Photography Forums

What are some good forum's that have a lot to offer as far as learning and talent goes?

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[FS/FT]Skull 5010xx Texas Cotton, Supreme price drop

Size 29 skulls hemmed to a 30, only tried on a few times, didn't fit me. Essentially brand new. 200 shipped OBO [Image] Meet me in the San Diego area and we can negotiate a smaller price.

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Photography blogs

henceforth let all ye dopeth blogs of the photographis arts find solace in this here thread.

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Nike dunk sb send helps size 10 fucking swag

yea nike dunk sb send helps size 10 worn like 5-10 times pretty brand fuckin new and clean no box though $180 shipped [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

Skulls 5010xx sz 33 fucking swag

sold brahs [Image]

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Put me on some good UK grime


2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

The London Theory

Well, it seems that if when I make a thread about a user it get deleted so I will refrain from saying any user name in particular, but this regards a certain Englishman(?) (his status of being an Englishman is debatable due to jaundice). I have come to the conclusion that this user does not live in London, but rather in a Monastery somewhere. It is my belief that this user has created the illusion of London via meditation and for that matter, the illusion of the entire world. this, however, brings up a whole new topic. What is the monastery in which he is housed? Is this too an illusion? An illusion of his illusion, perhaps? Is this being infinite in that his illusion spawn illusions? This also brings up some nihilist/existentialist point's of view. I may be aware of my existence, but I can also be so simple-minded that what I think is awareness may definitely not be. Descartes once said, "I think therefore I am". Well, if this is true then the only being would be me, and my illusions of this users illusion spawning illusions are of me. Am I the infinite being? I always wondered if the world was of my own process, and that surely I would have a great mind if I was able to create the concept of art and music in my world, but then i thought maybe im so primitive that there are far better sources of joy that i have yet to graduate to. Maybe after this lifetime i will slip into a whole different reality that is yet another illusion, and the process will repeat itself until i have developed the perfect existence via trial and error. But if I do eventually create this existence will I be aware that it was created by myself? that would suck... a lot. Think of how hollow you would feel if you knew everything was a facade and your encounter and actions were essentially with yourself? Maybe it will be kinda of like having kids, they are off you, you created them, but there is still that unconditional love. Even then the children still have freewill, is that something that the beings in my reality have? If i created them and the world is my illusion, is the illusion that controls them or them self? All this would be rather depressing to me. I wonder if God gets depression, but if he created everything then depression is a by product of himself and that too would be very hollow. Maybe the illusion i am in prevents me from grasping the concept of God and I must graduate to the next in order to gain more knowledge.

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End the occupation of palestine

[Quote] I don't care if HB isn't down with this, I'm just trying to help out a cause that I am supportive of. Anything helps.

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try and hold a ♥♥♥♥♥ down, i dare you. the revolution is eternal and my spirit if steadfast. we shall not be moved. [Image]

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I am a political prisoner

Free Comrade Thomas. ♥♥♥♥♥s hating on me. Consider this a coup d'etat against Zsolo. we at war ♥♥♥♥♥. Fuck Mummia, free me.

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based son son


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this just in!

[10-04-2010 12:18 AM] treasure fingers: I HAVE A 5.2 INCH DICK

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In the sb, someone ban jordanbr0.

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