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A kid who tells on another kid, is a dead kid.

Does anyone know who sells the brand Fucking Awesome? I really, really want this tee.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

I need someone who can draw.

If possible, I need someone to sketch up something for me? My tattoo sleeve. It's a panoramic, horizontal picture. Theres two people sitting on the edge of a cliff, feet hanging off, and his hands are covering her ears. They are overlooking the city, a Roman/Mayan-esque type city. It's falling apart, literally. Theres a man tearing his eyes out, and a woman chasing down her children. Somewhere in there need to be incorporated, swallows carrying a sign saying "When Armageddon's been locked and loaded, I will come back for you." It's based off Bane's song, Swan Song. I might even paypal you like 5 bucks as long as it's thought out and not thrown together.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts