[FS] Jordan I, Clarks, ASOS Mocs, Evisu, sz. 10-12

My Terms: FIrst & foremost PLEASE SEND/CONTACT ME BY PRIVATE MESSAGE [B]Paypal only[/B], all prices include fees and shipping Will only ship to confirmed address DS Asos Fringe Boots Mocs sz. 9 UK / 10 US, $28 shipped [Image] [URL]

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[WTB] Bape Crepe sz. 10

I am looking for a pair of Bape Crepe in a size 10, leave a post or PM me if you have these. Please 8+/10 condition only, any color is fine and include what your price is in the message. Thanks.

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Is the LOCHNESS = Philip Annand?

did I just figure out the puzzle to some national treasure?

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Shooting at my school today

Shits crazy, I am glad I didn't have class today or decided to go up there and study. The dude was a pussy to kill the girl and then shoot himself.. I think it's crazy the guy brought a shotgun on campus, I mean somebody had to of seen that shit. [URL] to view the videos. The school will remain closed for the remainder of the day. School representative Marjorie Swan said in a news conference that they employed the emergency notification system immediately, and they thanked the Dearborn police and the Michigan State Police for their quick response. Counseling will be offered to students and employees. "Our hearts go out to the family of the woman who lost her life today," said Swan. Stay with Local 4 News and ClickOnDetroit.com for further updates on this developing story.

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yo; which BDU's would you get

would you go for the cottons or the poly / cottons for the extra 5 guap?

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What Are Your Plans For Tomorrow?

1. (wake up, jack off, breakfast, shower, play dress up) conglomerate 2. thrifting 3. haircut 4. math work and prob take my wireless lan's quiz What are your plans for tomorrow?

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What inspires you?

There's tons of creative people on these forums and I'm curious as to what inspires you guys?

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Detroit's Gotta Wake Up - Scorey Bryant

[URL] this is a rough of my best friends track that he did during the summer. He rapped, did the beat and sang the hook aswell, I was real shocked when he brought a cd with the track into work and asked me to tell him what I thought. I've always been curious as too what others would think of this song, lemme know.

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Can these be fixed?

well my apc ns ripped on me tonight, and I'm wondering if I can get them repaired and how I go about doing it? I googled some stuff and came across a website called denim therapy and I'm looking into that but I'd like the expertise from this website. [URL] smh

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[WTB] 10.5 Jordan III (Fire Red, Mocha)

I'm interested in both pairs of shoes, they can be used aslong as in wearable condition. Lemme know your price or if your up for any trades.

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[WTB] Jordan VIII Lows (Sz. 10.5)

[WTB] Jordan VIII Lows (Sz. 10, 10.5, 11) [Image] pic for reference. I'm looking for these in NEW or USED (wearable please), lemme know if you got them either by pm'ing me or simply replying to this thread.

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