Opinions on khaki or gray denim?

All the denim I've owned so far has been some shade of indigo, raw, black, or blue .. and now I'm looking to foray into some different shades. I feel like a pair of khaki jeans could be matched with a lot of stuff but I've never seen many people wear'em. This goes the same with grey. Any opinions on these denim shades?

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[FS] Creative Rec Cesario Lo + Public Royalty Black Quilted, Sz. 8

-Paypal only -Shoes brand new in box and never worn -Prices for either pair are $40 shipped Public Royalties Black Quilted [Image]

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[FS] - Many 3sixteen sz M tees

- Paypal only - All prices include DOMESTIC shipping and paypal fees, PM me for international shipping - All apparel is men's sz Medium unless otherwise noted - Prices are negotiable 3sixteen 'Viper Cross', worn 1x washed 1x - $10 shipped [Image]

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UCLA vs. UC Berkeley

Got into both. Anyone got opinions on which might be a good place to go? It's down to these two - I already declined everywhere else. Yay engineering grad school >smh Already can hear the NorCal vs. SoCal replies .. I've lived in NorCal (East Bay) 10+ years and SoCal (SD) 5 years, so I'll know whats true and not true so keep it clean guys

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How many T's do you have?

Just want to see if I have too many compared to other people - might need to sell off some. I'm thinking I have about 27-30 tees in my closet, more than half of them unworn.

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Los Angeles or San Diego

I have a choice to attend school in either Los Angeles or San Diego. Can anybody vouch for either of these locations in terms of living, things to do, general pluses, etc?

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