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Maxo Kream ft. OG CHE$$ - KushCologne (Official Video)

Cliche title, but watch fuckboys. With all these guys trying to sound like Houston, hopefully an actual Houston rapper will get some love. [Embed content]

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Chief Keef, where are the Chicagoans at?

[Image] Apparently this guy has been buzzing on the streets of Chicago for a while and now he's starting to get blog coverage on some reputable sites. He got features from Lil' B/Soulja Boy recently and now Soulja Boy has been trying to sign him. Who from Chicago knows anything about this guy. I fuck with him though he's like a young mix of Flocka/Future/Fat Trel 3Hunna [Embed content]

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Alley Boy?

So... is anybody else on here fucking with the Alley Boy/ DTE movement? Kinda refreshing to know their are rappers out there that still have some type of intimidation factor. The rap scene has been too friendly recently. [Image]

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