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[FS] Supreme, AA, Uniqlo, Levis

Hey everyone! Looking to sell somethings that are taking up space in the closet. [COLOR="red"]Refs-[/COLOR] Soxfan3366, Charged x2, Medic, Gusto, 78, stukovx, knolok, etc.. [U]Rules-[/U] USPS Money Order or Paypal+[COLOR="Red"]5%[/COLOR] [B]i only shipped to confirmed addresses. [/B] Add 10 for shipping. International buyers 20 for shipping. Trades? sure Vans size 9-10 Skateboarding shit (bones swiss, decks, etc..) Medium Format cameras. [U]The goods-[/U] Levis 510 32x32 [Image] [URL] BIN-50 Offer!

2 Weeks ago in Apparel