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"Superior" sneakers?

Philthy, you can get those at zappos and look to spend at least 300+. I saw another version in gold that you may or may not like. Oh, and the artist or brand is Alessandro Dell' Acqua

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What movie have you seen the most times?

GhostsBusters hands down. Followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Thanx for the feed back thus far from everyone of you. I'm actually more disturbed my MJ's mouth more so than his nose imo. Ur right about the proprtions of Bruce Almighty with the big head and the unevenness of his arms howeva, I was not really concerned with that at that particular moment when i did this piece bc I sat through enough life drawing sessions to want to accurately draw everything anatomically correct. I was more concerned with loosening up as much as possible in the begining and keeping what I had instead of going back to fix everything accordingly. And yes, the Bush illustration is for sale but that one I am asking for 50 bc unlike the others priced at thirty this one has more meaning as well as the Reporting for Duty Sir piece. I will post more Bush illustrations some time soon.

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