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lets see if this works. [Image] THE greatest car ever made?

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

'11 M3 vs '13 RS5 vs '11 CTS-V

pretty interesting read comparing perennial heavyweight M3 against the tech-born RS5 and the new look Caddy. didn't really want to start a thread just for this, but nowhere really to put it. not really surprised that they ranked the BMW first (MT staff are a notorious for their Bavaria love), but the CTS-V is makin a big splash. i think they should have put the C-63 and a corvette in there too though. [URL] what do you guys think? edit: there is a vid too

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

The Company Men

anyone heard of this? saw the teaser trailer couple months ago and thought it was interesting. Seems like a typical slice of life/feel good movie, but with a cast like this, I think its definitely worth a watch. at the very least a break from all the superhero/action movies that are forthcoming [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

[FS] - Black Alife First Rounds (12)

DS $220 Shipped, reasonable offers welcome. I can do paypal, MO's, or meet-ups in the SoCal area. I really prefer the last two options though, because i would have to use a friends paypal. [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers


im on eBay, just lookin at games and i realized there are a lot of sellers that include in their item descriptions that the game is "factory sealed with the y-fold" or some shit like that? what the hell is a y-fold? is it a way the game was wrapped?

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

The "How Did Your Day Go" Thread

not sure if there is already a thread similar to this, but if there are, just delete this one. i think there should be a thread like this. discuss your day, how it went. Good? Bad? Won the lotto? I dont really have anythin to say to start off the thread (stayed home the whole day). so i leave that to you guys

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Medicom Deathnote

I tried to find the old thread about these, but couldnt... not many of you follow these but heres the next piece from Medicom RAH Deathnote Line...its Ryuk. some of you might remember the other three really nice ones of Light, L, and Misa. but heres Ryuk. its scheduled for release Feb. 08. this one will be a little bit more expensive (17640 yen=$155)than the others (around $130 ish), buts its also a little bit bigger. i only found this pic off the Medicom site, but im sure more will surface later. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Murakami at Geffen Contemporary

Murakami's work is goin to be at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in downtown LA startin Monday. as some of you know, hes the japanese pop art innovator that did Kanyes Graduation album cover. so, if anyones interested in art and is in the LA area and is not busy on monday, i would recommend you guys to check it out... [Image] the exhibition starts 10/29/07 - 2/11/08

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

30 Days of Night

Heres the trailer..[URL] I think its gonna be better than a lot of people think. Raimi and Hartnett shouldnt disappoint.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Fly Milk Blazers

did these come in 2 different boxes? cuz i've seen em in the milk carton ones and the regular boxes. Can anyone tell me the difference? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Adidas TS "Basketball is a Brotherhood"

[URL] Just saw this. I've always been a fan of Adidas Basketball and what they've done with T-Mac's line of basketball shoes specifically, but i think they have taken a step further with the "It Takes Five" concept. I think it is shapin up to be pretty tight. I think Adidas will be successful and not dissappoint with this one. Any thoughts? I know y'all don't usually talk about Adidas Basketball in the forum. Edit: BTW, these drop 10/26 as stated on the site.

2 Weeks ago in Adidas

The Contender: U.S vs. U.K

anyone watch this...its fuckin good.

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Adidas TS

just saw some pics of the adidas ts basketball shoes where supposedly the next signature b-ball shoe of t-mac would look like. im a fan of t-mac and i think adidas is gon screw up t-macs signature line. PLEASE dont screw t-macs shoe up.

2 Weeks ago in Adidas

"Impossbile is Nothing" Campaign

anyone see the new adidas "impossible is nothing" campaign? the ones where they got athletes drawin they little story bout how they made it? adidas did a good job. i think gilberts is already on tele but adidas.com has some others too

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Reign Over Me

wat y'all think about this. i think lots of ppl will be able to relate to this movie.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment