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The Official Cosplay and Gamer Chicks Thread

...We need a thread on these forums that both stops all this discussion on HB causing racial divide AND unites us all by our common interest in posting pictures of scantily clad women. Generally though, it's been the "Asian girl appreciation" or "black girl appreciation" thread or what not, but it's time for a change. Something we can ALL enjoy. That being said, I give you, *Drumroll* [SIZE="5"]The "[B][U]Girls in costume appreciation thread[/U][/B]"![/SIZE] [Image]

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People with amazing talents

This is probably going to be a thread doomed to go to the 2nd page instantly but I felt like posting it anyways to see if anyone knows people like this. A girl I went to high school with was starting to learn french as we were graduating, which was cool because she'd ask me questions about conjugation and what not so she could practice, and because I needed practice. Seeing as she was JUST learning though, she obviously wan't fluent. Well, three months later, she was completely fluent and by now her french is better than mine, she'd even spent a year in France. Turns out her mother is a speech therapist and her dad is a linguist so that coiuld have helped her out, but that was a really damn short amount of time to learn a complete language fluently. My question to Hypebeast is this: Do you guys know anyone like this? B this I mean have you met, known, or encountered anybody who's had an incredible talent at something? anything? if so, what was it?

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Obscure Star Wars Character FINALLY gets action figure!

Willrow Hood was a background character seen for a brief few seconds in "The empire strikes back", Running for dear life from the grip of the Galactic Empire holding a..... a fucking Ice Cream Making machine. [Image] I think he looks pretty good. what are your thoughts on this? is it dumb as fuck? is it funny as hell? for those of you who are star wars collectors, is this a definite cop? Do you not give a fuck at all?

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Any browncoats on hb? I can't be the only one... Gag reel.... just 'cause. [URL]

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Surprised I've never seen a bboy crew try this out

Discuss. [URL]

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"I Love the Hate"

Does anyone have a link to that pic? I seen people post it up on these forums. It's some white dude sitting in a seat with his eyes closed with the caption "I love the hate" in it. Help me out?

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ikm durnk as fuck right now

and I cant find the 'post here when youre drunke' thread so im makin a new one. sup sonsonson. I think I made out with a twig looking bitch.... didnt smasht hough or else we wouldsa madee a campfire rubbing my sick againste her sgticklike body. bahahahahahahaha sonsonson

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The interesting finds/Sneakers you'll never get but love to look at thread.

I wanted to start a thread where people could post pics of either strange and peculiar or obscure/ not very well-known models of shoes and sneakers just out of curiousity. I'll start I'm on the hunt for these jack purcell hi's now though I doubt I'll find these, much less in a size 13. I think they're a japan exclusive. Black quilted canvas. [Image]

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This shit gave me a boner...

...Is it just me? [URL]

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Documentary on Weed.

Called "The Union: The business behind getting high" God Bless white hippies. Seriously though. Pretty interesting watch. [URL] They should use this as BC's Tourism video.

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[wtb] Vans Greaserz black-white sz 13

[Image] Can anyone find these for me in a size 13? If ou have em and want to sell em, great. If you think a local spot may have these, it would be awesome if you could do a pickup! Lemme know, I need this colourway in a size 13!

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Can anyone in LA do pickups for me?

anyone in LA do pickups? Please let me know because I want something from the Bathing Ape store.

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The Challenge Has begun!

Okay, so this all began with a conversation I had with Shanklin on the shoutbocks. Apparently when one abstains from sexual activity and thought, they become more, productive, creative, active, and generally more energetic people because of such an experience. Think about it: when a boxer is fighting, he abstains from sexual activity the day of the fight. some artists abstain from sex to inspire themselves. I could go on. What if we multiplied this by 30 days? From this sprang what was called "the 30-day Challenge", where you would abstain from sex with the goal of having abstained for a month, with the purpose of hopefully gaining these positive traits as mentioned before. This leads me to my point: shanklin and I decided to begin such a challenge. [b]Starting MONDAY, JUNE 23rd, we will abstain from masturbation, sex, and any other physically sexual stimulants and see who can hold out longest.[/b] Shanklin proposes that we extend it to more than 30 days and as a nod to that I dub it "The Challenge". SO, if anyone else wants to participate, you're welcome to. [b]PM me to let me know you wanna be involved and I'ma put you on the list[/b]. We're on the honor system, so we can't really monitor this; you'll just have to be honest with us I guess. The only rules are that once you've begun the challenge, you should post here periodically and ultimately PM me when you've.... *Ahem* arrived to the end of your challenge (and in plain english, if you've engaged in sexual activity/whacked off., you need to either post that you have here of pm'ed me to let me know you're done with your challenge). Good luck boys. [b]JUST TO CLARIFY, HERE ARE THE RULES 1) no physical sexual contact/ physical contact with the intention of achieving orgasm/ no achieving orgasm through means of physical contact. 2) PM me when you have broken rule 1 so that I can put you on the "past participants" list so we can see who's still going and who isn't[/b] [i]CURRENT PARTICIPANTS:[/i] ThePepperSkull Shanklin Malcolm Sex KING Sized (please don't go insane and iron your balls out of frustration :D ) ++Phil hugs s.v cheeseball321 ifoo vinhhhh SK1 Deemy MER-ONE zyezye Justin. p0y SFCA thanGOON StIcK up KiD OhSnap Panda_rocks_SB ice13water DennisTheMenace OJG9 Energize [i]PAST PRTICIPANTS:[/i] ahhhrt (day 1) AntonyT (day 1)

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YEEEEAH, BOOOOY! aka the "has anyone seen Flav yet?" thread.

I was wondering, since he's been spotted by a few people I know in Coquitlam, Has ANYONE here on HB run into him yet? someone who used to work with me has a pic of flav and her on her facebook and it got me thinking that someone, especially someone on these forums HAS to have seen, met, or even gotten pics taken with the man. As for me, not yet but I'm hoping he hasn't left so I can run into him eventually.

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The Jon Dore Television Show appreciation thread.

Okay, so it might be a bit obscure seeing as I don't believe it airs in the US, but we have it here in Canada. One of the best shows on the air IMO. Bascally a comedian, Jon Dore, spends each episode trying to solve a problem or dilemma he faces in life, during which he interviews experts or people relevant in regards to each subject he's tackling in the episode. check out the vids. (all three are from the same episode, about Jon and whether or not he has an alcohol problem, watch in order.) [URL]

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